This week’s huge episode of The Vampire Diaries takes place on Senior Prank Night, but it’s more like Opposite Day. Tyler and Matt both die, but it’s actually the best thing that could’ve happened to either one of them. Klaus does the opposite of what he’s told and unlocks the secret to making hybrids. And the Salvatore brothers are back under one roof, only they’re in opposite roles.

It all begins at the school when Klaus shows up to kidnap Elena and everyone she loves in hopes of figuring out why he can’t create hybrids. As incentive for Bonnie to figure it out, Klaus kills Tyler, turning him into a hybrid that will die if she can’t solve the problem.

Klaus also wants Stefan to stop pretending, so he compels him to kill Elena after 20 minutes. But Stefan’s love is strong, so Klaus steps up his game by forcing him to turn off his humanity like a light switch. He does it and just like that, the old Stefan is dead and there’s a new, emotionless, evil Stefan in his place.

Matt’s Dumb Idea

Since Bonnie can’t reach Jeremy (who’s been kidnapped by Katherine), Matt hatches a plan of his own. He drowns himself in the school pool so he can talk to Vicki in hopes that Bonnie and her amazing CPR skills will bring him back to life. But as I said, killing himself is the best thing he’s ever done because he comes back with a message and the ability to see Vicki. He didn’t come back with magic, so I’m guessing that there’s more to Vicki’s reappearance.

How to Make a Hybrid

The message from Vicki (who apparently talked to the Original Witch in the afterlife) is that the doppelganger must die for the transformation to work. Klaus, however, knows that the Original Witch hates him and he does the opposite. He figures out that drinking the doppelganger’s blood is the only way to successfully transform someone into a hybrid, which he tests out on Tyler. So now Tyler is a fully-formed hybrid and he seems to be feeling very good about it.

Klaus decides to drain as much blood from Elena as he can without killing her to make his hybrid army, but that plan gets complicated when Damon shows up and reveals that he found Michael, the only person who can scare Klaus. It’s actually a semi-bluff, but it works and Klaus leaves town for now. But he leaves Stefan behind to watch over Elena and make sure she’s safe. So now Damon and Stefan are together again, only this time Damon is the one who promises to always save Elena and Stefan is the scary, emotionless killer. See, I told you it was Opposite Day.

The Truth About Michael

Throughout the episode, Katherine and Damon are on the road with a kidnapped Jeremy because Pearl knew how to kill Klaus for good, and she only told Anna. After some persuasion, Anna tells Jeremy that they need to wake up Michael, a vampire who also hunts vampires and who can kill Klaus. His identity is still a mystery, but I’ll eat my left shoe if Michael isn’t the father of the Originals.

In the most twisted pairing of all-time, Katherine and Jeremy work together to find Michael’s tomb (where he was placed by a witch in the early 1900s) and bring him back. That’s not going to be good for anyone. On the bright side, I kind of love seeing Jeremy and Katherine work together.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan is channeling his inner Damon and chowing down on as many humans as he can find.

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