The Vampire Diaries finally brought all the pieces together both on the island and back in Mystic Falls to find the cure in “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The search was not without a cost though in both relationships and potentially in lives.

The Cure For One

Seriously, how is it that none of them saw this coming? Or, thought to ask how the cure worked? It wouldn’t have mattered since Shane didn’t know that answer, but it would have at least been a little more believable.

It’s small plot points like this that have made The Vampire Diaries season 4 difficult to stomach at times. Do the writers believe they are pulling something over on the viewers? Or, do they just think so little of their characters? I’m not sure, but I held out hope that the writers would surprise us.

It was no surprise to find out the cure was good for only a single use. 

The Sword 

While trouble was brewing on the island, there was cooperation and then discord between Klaus, Caroline and Tyler. Elena somehow was able to get cell reception on the island and asked Caroline to find Klaus’ sword, so they could interpret Jeremy’s map mark.

They found the sword, but then needed Klaus’ help to interpret it. Without his help the threesome would never have made it to Silas or the cure. But, Klaus kept back one important piece of information and gave it to Rebekah. The cure is only for one.

Three’s Company Breaks Up

Stefan, Elena, and Rebekah were doing so well on the beach together, it’s a shame that they had a falling out. When it came down to it, Stefan’s loyalty — romance or not — was going to be with Elena. 

Once Rebekah knew that only one of them could use the cure, she had to take the chance to go on her own. I give her credit for verifying Stefan’s intentions and letting him in on the problem with the cure instead of just knocking him out.

Vaughn Took Damon … Why?

Vaughn is a one of The Five Hunters and he is on the island conveniently at the same time with a plan to wake up Silas, give him the cure, and then kill him. He took Damon in hopes that the vampire would get Bonnie to help.

As much as Vaughn knew about the Mystic Falls folks, he didn’t know them well enough. Damon definitely was not the one to grab in order to secure Bonnie’s help. Ultimately, that didn’t matter because she opened the passageway for Shane, opening it also then for Vaughn.

Damon’s capture though brought to light quite a bit about his changing character. He used to be all about himself, but now, he does have concern for others. 

Finding Silas

Bonnie used her powers and Jeremy to open the entrance to Silas causing rocks from the cave to fall. Neither Bonnie nor Jeremy were injured, but Shane was left with a broken leg. Bonnie didn’t hesitate to leave him behind. Sorry, Shane!

Bonnie saw her grandmother in the cave, just like Shane saw his wife. Though, Jeremy quickly realized that her grandmother wasn’t there, instead it was Silas in her head. The whole time Shane thought he was re-connecting with his wife, it was just Silas playing him. 

Bonnie was able to block Silas from her thoughts and they proceeded through the cave. And, then in front of them, they found Silas and the cure. They immediately realized the cure will only work once and it wasn’t going to be easy to get. The cure was stuck in Silas’ hands and the combined strength of a Hunter and witch wasn’t enough to release it.

In order to get the cure, they would have to wake Silas up. That’s quite a dangerous undertaking. Before they could decide what to do, they were interrupted.

The Fight for the Cure

The next few moments went by in a whirlwind fashion. Bonnie got stabbed by Vaughn. The two Hunters fought. And, then Elena showed up asking Jeremy to help her get the cure. Only it wasn’t Elena, it was Katherine!

She cut Jeremy and forced his blood on Silas, but that wasn’t fast enough, so she bit his neck. Katherine grabbed the cure and left. And, Silas grabbed Jeremy’s neck and broke it.

The cure was gone. And, Jeremy was dead. Or, appeared to be dead. Is anyone ever dead on The Vampire Diaries?

Heartbreak in Mystic Falls

While people were dying on the island, hearts broke in Mystic Falls. Caroline tried to reach the loving part — however small — within Klaus to let Tyler off for what he did. At first it seemed like she was getting through to Klaus, but it wasn’t to be.

Klaus agreed to give Tyler mercy … simply a head start. He was willing to only give Tyler a chance, but eventually he would track down his protege and kill him. And, with that threat, Tyler and Caroline said goodbye to each other until they find a way to be together again.

It was a sad goodbye, but they have been separated before and always have gotten back together. Klaus will never keep them apart forever.

What’s Next on the Island?

Bonnie’s been stabbed, Jeremy is dead, Damon isn’t doing well, Rebekah is healing, and Shane is somewhere. Will Stefan or Elena be able to save Bonnie and/or Jeremy? When Vaughn wakes up will he help the vampires or work against them?

And, now that Silas is alive again and Katherine has taken off with the cure, what will he do? Can Bonnie use magic against him?

So many possible ways the story can go and we’ll have to wait a week to find out in “Stand By Me.”

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