CBS’s spinoff of NCIS: Los Angeles (which was itself a spinoff of the original, NCIS) has been getting some major casting news recently. We’ve got info on what new actors have joined the case, as well as which NCISLA cast member is going to become a regular on the new show. 

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First up, let’s talk about the NCIS: Los Angeles cast member that will be joining the new show. Considering how much trouble he has stirred up on NCISLA, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Miguel Ferrer’s Deputy Director Owen Granger shows up on the new series. According to Deadline, Ferrer was just upped to series regular on NCISLA and will begin his new status next fall. He was also made a series regular on the new show, meaning that Ferrer is going to be one busy guy pretty soon. 

Next up, we have news that Edwin Hodge has joined the NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff. According to Deadline, Hodge was actually the first series regular cast on the show. The spinoff will begin with an episode of NCISLA called “Red,” that is due to air later this season. The new show will follow a mobile team of agents who are forced to live and work together as they travel across the country solving crimes. Hodge will play a character named Kai Ashe, who is described as “the incredibly bright, witty and likable technical assistant, an all-round tech savvy computer guy and expert on everything.”  Hodge’s casting in the spinoff comes soon after a guest starring in an episode of NCIS this past fall. 

Next up, we have news that Gillian Alexy has also been added to the cast of the new series, which reportedly began filming this week. According to Deadline, Alexy will play Special Agent Claire, a character described as “educated, worldly, athletic and as tough as she is beautiful. She also has a law degree from Harvard, a Masters Degree in international politics and fluency in a smattering of languages. She topped her class in both the offensive and defensive driving course at Quantico, she’s trained with the Navy SEALS and loves all things military.”

ext came the news that Scott Grimes had joined the cast as well. According to Deadline, Grimes will play Dave, a character described as “a highly capable agent who has an eye for clues, a nose for lies and is the team’s forensic specialist.”

Finally, we have news that Grey’s Anatomy alum Kim Raver has also joined the cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Raver will play Special Agent Paris, the leader of the Red team, who is described as “athletic, smart and witty with a degree in forensic science. She can drive a golf ball 300 yards and has an IQ in the 98th percentile. She prefers to (and often does) work alone.”

That’s an awful lot of casting news for one show in just a few days, but since the NCIS: LA spinoff started filming this week, they must have been in a hurry. What do you think after reading about all of the great actors that have been added to the show? Are you planning on checking it out when it premieres?

NCIS airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm on CBS, followed by NCIS: Los Angeles at 9pm. 

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV