Love is in the air as McKinley High celebrates Valentine’s Day. Will and Emma get ready to walk down the aisle. (After Finn kissed Emma last week, is the wedding still on?) And the graduates return to Lima for the big day and reunite with their old classmates. FOX has released three new clips from this Thursday’s all-new episode, “I Do.”

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One reunion I’m sure we’re all looking forward to is with Finchel. In this first clip, Finn calls Rachel in to help him choose what song he’ll be singing at the wedding as Mr. Schue’s best man. Rachel may be with Brody right now, but it looks like she can’t help but flirt with her ex-boyfriend. 

Jake’s stressing out over what to get Marley for Valentine’s Day. But Ryder swings in to help a friend out. “It’s not how much money you put into it,” he says. “It’s about how much of you you put into it.” Some good advice there. But based on the look on Ryder’s face at the end, he probably still wishes he were the one giving gifts to Marley instead of Jake.

One of those gifts from Jake looks to be this duet with Marley on “You’re All I Need to Get By” in Mr. Schue’s history class. Ryder, Artie and Sam are the backup singers and dancers. This won’t be the only duet in “I Do,” though — Kurt and Blaine will cover “Just Can’t Get Enough” as well.

Are you excited for Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode? Did Rachel really flirt with Finn in the auditorium? And is Ryder only helping Jake out because he still wants to be with Marley?

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(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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