Rock stars are like gods, worshiped by millions of adoring fans who will do anything for them. Supernatural is taking that concept literally as Lucifer’s new vessel embraces his rock god status for fun.

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But the big reveal is that Lucifer’s actual plan is that he doesn’t have a plan. He’s not really a very good antagonist if he’s not going to have any clear goals beyond causing chaos and destroying the world for sport.

Lucifer Returns

A group of lame wannabe Satanists does a spell to summon the Devil because they think it will be cool, but they’re shocked when it actually works. Lucifer appears, looking pretty bad after being stuck at the bottom of the ocean. Luckily the spell involved one of his feathers which he uses to rejuvenate his body.

Lucifer also gets a new game plan. He decides to use the fact that he’s in a somewhat famous rock star’s body to reboot Vince Vincente’s career in order to get followers to worship him. He moves to L.A. and gets a new record deal, which puts the Winchesters on the case.

Welcome to L.A.

Sam and Dean meet up with Cas and Crowley in Los Angeles, a city that Dean hates while Crowley feels at home. They investigate one of Vince’s groupies who convinced her to carve his name into her chest. They learn about a secret concert, but no one is able to find out where it is because Vince’s team is too devoted to him. However, Vince’s bandmate texts Cas the location after he sees Lucifer kill their record producer.

What Is Lucifer’s Plan?

At the secret concert, Lucifer kills his band, but Cas and Crowley show up to fight him while Sam and Dean try to evacuate the fans. Lucifer takes the stage and the brothers clear out the audience for a special showdown. Lucifer delivers a big monologue about his real plan, revealing that he doesn’t have one. He’s upset that God abandoned him again and now the world is meaningless. Lucifer seems to be having an existential crisis, and his way of lashing out is just causing chaos for no reason.

Huh, so I guess Lucifer has turned into the Joker, an anarchist who just wants to watch the world burn. I really hope this is the season’s B-story and they get back to the British Men of Letters, because that’s a lot more interesting. However, Vince’s body decays some more and Lucifer is forced to abandon it.

Sam is the only one who truly seems to understand that Lucifer not having a plan is even worse because he’s going to kill people for no reason and they’re the ones who let him out.

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