For many years, the CW has tried to find a way to do a spin-off of Supernatural. It’s a popular move for the network as The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Originals were all spin-offs of popular CW shows. And with Supernatural in its 12th season, it’s unclear how much longer the show can last.

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However, over the years Supernatural has featured numerous guest stars and recurring characters who could easily lead their own TV shows. Here are just four ideas for potential Supernatural spin-offs based on existing characters.

Bobby and Rufus

Not much is known about Bobby’s backstory, but what we do know is that he was a mechanic whose wife was possessed by a demon. He had to kill her and Rufus showed up to exorcise the demon. Rufus then taught Bobby how to be a Hunter. That would make a perfect pilot for a period piece set in the late ’70s or early ’80s (the exact timing has never been confirmed). ’80s nostalgia is big right now (just look at Netflix’s Stranger Things), so a Bobby origin series of a distraught man learning to become a Hunter could work perfectly.

Also, the show could eventually introduce a young John Winchester following the death of Mary. And thanks to the fact that time travel exists, the spin-off could even have a crossover with Sam and Dean coming back to help young Bobby and Rufus on a case.

Jody Mills and Her Female Hunters

Sheriff Jody Mills has been a friend of the Winchesters for a long time and has more than earned her own spin-off as a Hunter who is training two orphaned girls she has taken in. Alex the former vampire slave and Claire, Castiel’s human vessel’s daughter, are both living with her and have potential as future Hunters. A female-driven spin-off to balance out the male-centric Supernatural would be a great addition to the CW’s line-up, especially as a potential companion to Supergirl.

The Nazi Hunters

Supernatural has aired two episodes dealing with the Nazi necromancers known as the Thule, both introducing plenty of characters who could easily team up to fight the evil organization. There’s Aaron Bass, a rabbi’s grandson who gets roped into helping to track down and fight the Thule along with his Golem, Hitler’s med student great-great grandniece Ellie Grant and Christoph, the rebellious son of a Thule commander who betrays his family to help the Winchesters stop his dad. Those three wildly different and unique characters could easily join forces in their own spin-off to hunt and track down the last remaining members of the Thule Society.

Witches and Hunters

When Sam and Dean visited the funeral of a Hunter named Asa Fox in season 12, they met a wide variety of fellow Hunters, none more compelling than Max and Alicia Barnes. These twins are the children of a Hunter and a witch, giving them a unique perspective on the Hunter lifestyle. They were raised by their mother, a good witch, who taught Max how to do magic. The blend of hunting and witchcraft offers countless potential stories for a spin-off about their adventures. As an added bonus, perhaps they could befriend another cool witch, Delta Mendota who the Trans found on Craigslist.

What other Supernatural characters should the CW give their opwn spin-off? Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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