In Mystic Falls, the town can’t even hold Prom without bloodsucking, conflict, and life-threatening situations. On The Vampire Diaries no one was free from drama in “Pictures of You” and even some fan favorites stopped by to make an appearance. Plus, the real face of Silas was revealed. There wasn’t a single moment wasted during the hour, each one mattered and propelled the characters forward.

The Salvatore Brothers Have a Plan A, B, and Even C

After Elena snapped the neck of the innocent waitress, Damon and Stefan had to come up with a new plan to get their lovable Elena back. They decided to inundate her with emotional memories to see if they could get her to switch her humanity back on. They recruited all of Elena’s friends, even the irritated Caroline.

It didn’t work. Well, not on Elena anyway. Damon’s attempt to get Elena to remember her love for him was highly unsuccessful. His witty banter about being her boyfriend didn’t work and only pushed her towards Stefan.

The younger brother was determined to get Elena’s humanity back and then leave town, but after reliving his fond and loving memories of their time together, Stefan wasn’t sure he could let her go.

Silas read Damon’s thoughts perfectly. Even if Elena didn’t see what Stefan and her had together, Damon could. The couple had a dating history, memories, moments, and love. And, Damon, all he had with Elena was the love and sex of a sired girl.

Every time it appears the love triangle may be over or put on the back burner, it pops back up front and center. At least this time, it was the brothers recognizing their true feelings, while Elena dismissed them both and quite brutally when she told Stefan, “What heart?”

Plan A really should have been to lock Elena up until they could find a way to fix her, but that wouldn’t have been quite as dramatic, so it had to be Plan C. Will they be able to scare Elena’s humanity out of her?

Rebekah’s Quest to be Human

While Elena has turned into a bitch — even bigger than hindsight — Rebekah has sweetened. She’s actually become quite likable, which I never thought I’d say. Her desire to take the cure and become human is almost honorable.

When Elijah agreed to give her the cure if she could live as a human for one day, I was rooting for her to succeed. Elena doesn’t want it and at this point doesn’t deserve it and neither does Klaus. 

While the viewers have seen the shift in Rebekah’s attitude, Matt wasn’t privy to that and for the first time his dismissal of her seemed harsh. It wasn’t, but it came across that way. Regardless, he danced with her and it was an adorable moment. I’m almost wishing they could find a way to be together. He would make her a better person and he deserves the love she has for him.

In the end, Rebekah used her vampire blood to save April after Elena’s attack. Yes, she used her vampire abilities to save her, but it was the most human thing she’d ever done. Klaus was wrong to dismiss her actions as breaking the deal.

If Rebekah was truly human, she never would have faced the situation. As far as the cure was concerned it didn’t matter anyway. Klaus rigged it so Silas could get the cure from Elijah by pretending to be Rebekah. Ouch. 

At least, Rebekah earned the respect of Matt in the end. Can’t they get together? They could still work together at The Grill even if she is still a vampire.

Bonnie’s Indestructible Powers

The magic running through Bonnie is definitely dangerous. That’s one thing that Silas has got right, but every time she uses it, she seems to gain more control over it. I don’t think she’ll be catching any couches on fire again.

Whatever she has become, she’s even more dangerous against vampires than we’ve seen before. She was able to not only stop Elena’s attack, but also heal herself. When Elena drank her blood, it made her sick. Though, it was nice to see someone get the better of Elena. Why is that? 

Out of all the stories right now, I find Bonnie’s the most intriguing, which I never would have thought possible. She’s powerful, dangerous, and controls the future. Will she bring down the wall?

The Lovely Caroline

All she wanted was a perfect event with a gorgeous dress and to dance with her boyfriend. The Prom might have sucked, but in the end she got everything she wanted. Though, it’s a shame she couldn’t share it with her best friend, Elena.

The antagonistic friendship between Caroline and Klaus is precious. When she begged him for a dress to wear, Klaus was so smitten, he couldn’t say no. The smile on his face was charming and lovable.

He may not be a nice guy, but when it comes to Caroline he can’t hurt her. He got her a beautiful dress and then spared the life of his rival in order to give Caroline her perfect night.

Tyler’s decision to return to see Caroline wasn’t the smartest choice, but it was the right one to make. The glow on her face when he stood there with flowers for her was enough to take the risk. They got their dance and Caroline’s Prom was complete.

She’s a lucky lady that has two men in love with her, who made sure she ended the night the right way.

What’s Next?

Silas stole the cure from Elijah and revealed his true face to Bonnie. At this point, it seems likely that Bonnie will agree to bring down the wall. What will that mean for Mystic Falls? Who will return?

Who would you want to see back from the dead on The Vampire Diaries?

Klaus received a letter from Katherine that’s sending him off to New Orleans. What does the witch have to tell him that’s so crucial? 

The Vampire Diaries preview of “The Originals”

Elena’s locked up and she’s not going to be happy about it when she wakes up. How will Damon and Stefan use fear to turn her humanity back on? 

The Vampire Diaries: Do you prefer the new or old Elena?

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