Parental issues, stripping and a wedding — these things aren’t all mutually exclusive in “The Party in the Pants.” With the season winding down, did the end of the episode clue us in on the future path of Brennan and Booth?

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Mommy Dearest?

Booth’s mother shows up in his office — it’s been 25 years since she left him. Or rather 24 years, to be exact, he corrects her. Booth realizes it’s his mother just by the sound of her voice, which is pretty moving. It’s all rainbows and sunshine at first, despite skepticism from both Brennan and Sweets. Booth defends his mother’s actions, and he’s just happy to see her after all these years. There’s even a touching family dance with Christine at home.

You knew there was a but and that the happiness wouldn’t last. Booth’s mother reveals to him that she’s getting married to the man she had been seeing for awhile, and she’d like for Booth to walk her down the aisle. The next piece of information is what upsets Booth: her fiance has two children, both of whom she has been helping to raise all these years.

He had believed these past several years that she left him because she didn’t want a family after being abused by his dad. But he feels betrayed and believes he and his brother just weren’t wanted. It’s crushing to watch because while we’ve seen Booth be vulnerable before, it’s never been like this.

Stockbroker by Day, Stripper by Night

The case this week focuses on a stockbroker moonlighting as a stripper. His body was placed in a building that had been set for demolition. The fact that he’s a stripper leads to a couple amusing moments that they just had to get in. You can’t have a stripper episode without Hodgins giving Angela a sexy dance right as Cam walks in, looks horrified and walks out. 

And a stripper episode is also convenient to have Booth’s pants come off! Booth and Brennan visit a bachelorette party where the stripper’s other stripper friend is working. All the girls think Booth is another stripper and his badge is just part of his costume. They yank his pants down and toss dollar bills at him. Hilarious. And let’s not forget that Brennan admits she stripped once, although she calls it a “burlesque tease.”

The stripper’s boss (during the day) is the one who reports him missing. He’s a total sleaze who you get the feeling does some shady business — and it turns out to be true. The company was involved in selling bogus stock, which meant the clients lost millions.

Shady Investments

At first, it looks like the girlfriend might be the killer. Not only was she pissed he had been cheating on her, but she lost $200,000 due to her investments. But she comes from money, and apparently that’s no biggie.

But the stripper’s friend had lost his entire savings — $5,000 — on what he was told had been a sure thing. The friend had beaten his friend with his toy pistol gun, and the victim hit his head on the bed. (They were in a hotel room). And unfortunately, it was bed bugs that actually killed him. 

Wedding Bells Ring

Booth’s mother returns to his office to give a teary speech about wanting to be happy just for a moment, and she wants Booth to see his mother that way. Brennan and Booth end up getting to her wedding just in time — they both look so nice. He walks her down the aisle, and it’s sweet and cheesy at the same time.

Brennan ends up catching the bouquet, and I’m shocked. First, would Brennan actually go up to the single ladies’ line to catch a bouquet? And does this mean she’s going to get on one knee to propose? Remember that earlier in the season, Brennan and Booth reminded us of their relationship status — whenever they do decide to get married, she’s going to be the one to propose (although I highly doubt she’ll get on one knee). Why would the show have this happen if it weren’t going anywhere?

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