Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Stefan got engaged, Georgie found an artifact that was created in hell, and Sybil the Siren really stepped up the mind games replacing Elena with herself in Damon’s memories.

This episode titled “You Decided I Was Worth Saving” shows the lengths Sybil is willing to go to get her way, and we also get to see an old face with new facial hair, but not before hearing about “Applesauce Penguin.”

Mind Control, Alterations and Manipulations

The episode opens with Damon experiencing a flashback to the night Elena’s parents were killed in a car crash. Things are just a little bit different though this time around. Instead of taking Elena’s place in Damon’s memory, Sybil rewrites history and kills her off completely. She has managed to alter his memories so much now that he believes he never met Elena at all.

Damon easily succumbs to Sybil’s will, but she’s finding it increasingly difficult and frustrating to get Enzo to bend. After many failed attempts to get Enzo to turn off his humanity switch, Sybil asks Damon to kill Bonnie. Of course, his response is, “Sure.” Uh-oh, I guess drastic times call for drastic measures.

Damon finds Bonnie wedding dress shopping with Caroline. He kills the shop assistant and attacks Caroline. Bonnie hides behind a row of dresses. Just as Damon is about to find her, she jumps out and stabs him through the hand with a hanger. This barely phases him, and he continues his attack toward Bonnie. As always, at the last second Caroline is able to fend him off. She takes a long rod and shoves it through Damon’s gut impaling him to an armoire. Then she pushes the rod in deeper and deeper still.

Sybil and Enzo show up to the dress shop. Sybil realizes Damon wasn’t able to kill Bonnie because she wasn’t aware of their history since Enzo has been blocking memories. Sybil knows how to fix that. She reaches into Damon’s mind and we get an awesome montage of all of our favorite Damon and Bonnie moments. She again alters his memories replacing Bonnie with herself. 

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Bonnie is Forced to Choose

At the Salvatore mansion, Caroline, Bonnie and Stefan are on a mission to end Sybil’s reign of terror. Stefan leaves to find Damon think he will lead him to her. He doesn’t have to try hard because Damon calls him and immediately gives up his location. Caroline and Bonnie unexpectedly find Sybil just chilling in the living room.

She wants to know what it is about Bonnie that is keeping Damon and Enzo from fully letting go. Caroline tries to help, but only makes things worse. She tells Sybil that Bonnie is fiercely loyal and will do anything for the people she loves. Sybil is intrigued and wants to know how far Bonnie would go for Damon and Enzo. Better yet, what would Bonnie do if she had to choose between them? She has been desperate for two loyal soldiers, and her soldiers are desperate to escape her grip. The only logical solution she realizes is that she only needs one of them, and the other can die. She is after all “very old and very annoyed.” Bonnie must choose who lives. If she refuses to play along, then Damon and Enzo will settle it themselves.

Damon wants Stefan to help him, but he can’t tell him what’s going on. It’s not that he won’t tell him, he literally can’t tell him. Whenever he tries to form the words it just comes out as “Applesauce Penguin.” Damon is holding a broken bat. Stefan insists Damon needs to reel it in because he’s running out of ways to bring him back from the brink, and he’s not about to let him kill his best friend. Damon says the stake isn’t for Bonnie. Then he opens the trunk of a car to reveal Enzo tied up.

Stefan thinks Damon has called him to help him fight Sybil, but really he wants help in fighting Enzo. If Bonnie hasn’t made her choice by 3:00 p.m. Damon and Enzo must fight to the death.

Time’s Up

The clock strikes 3:00 p.m. In true The Vampire Diaries fashion, it’s an epic fight scene. Damon sucker punches Enzo. Then he throws Stefan across the room. Damon reaches to rip out Enzo’s heart. Enzo grabs a shovel and breaks it in half. He gains the upper hand in the fight and is about to stab Damon. Stefan knocks Enzo off of Damon and then grabs the other half of the shovel. As he is about to bash Enzo’s head in, Caroline steps in. But, it’s not over yet. Damon breaks Caroline’s neck and she falls to the floor. Enzo rises and breaks Stefan’s neck — he falls to the floor. Enzo pushes forward attacking Damon. Damon pushes back, again reaching for Enzo’s heart. Enzo falls backwards on a set of stairs with Damon leaning over him. He finally has the leverage he needs to penetrate Enzo’s chest with his fist.

As Damon is about to rip out Enzo’s heart, Bonnie walks in. She pleads with Damon to stop. Sybil shows up and says Damon can’t stop. The only way this will end is if Bonnie chooses. Things are looking pretty dire for Enzo. Damon tightens his grip and Bonnie screams that she chooses Enzo. Just like that, the spell is broken.

Damon doesn’t want to die. Bonnie tells him she knows part of him is still there. He’s too stubborn to let Sybil strip it all away, but she can’t let Enzo die. Sybil seems impressed that Bonnie made a choice, but that doesn’t last long.

She says Bonnie can’t live without Enzo. Stefan can’t live without Damon, but nobody has asked her what she wants. Damon is an asset to her and Enzo is nothing but a burden. Her only problem is with Bonnie. Bonnie is the reason Enzo isn’t fully committing to Sybil. She says she’s going to have Damon kill Bonnie and then she’ll kill Enzo — unless Enzo flips his switch and pledges his loyalty.

He knows what he has to do. He turns off his humanity. He says he knows Bonnie will be able to bring him back. To test whether or not Enzo is truly in the game now, Sybil commands Damon to kill Bonnie after the count of ten. Bonnie runs and it seems that Enzo isn’t going to stop her.

Damon catches up to her in the parking lot. Alaric shows up to save the day. He bangs the tuning fork artifact against the hood of the car. The sound that rings out brings Sybil to her knees. This seemingly breaks the bond Damon and Enzo have with her. Stefan says it’s over. Damon says he wishes that were true, but his work is just getting started. Stefan asks what work he’s talking about, what does she want with him? The only response Damon can give is “Applesauce penguin, brother.” Damon gets in the car and drives off. 

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An Old Face Returns

Damon is laying in the middle of the road. A car pulls up and stops. A guy gets out and walks toward Damon, when he leans down we see it’s Tyler Lockwood. Tyler has heard the stories and knows that Damon isn’t himself right now. He starts to walk away and slowly pulls out a pistol from the inside of his jacket. When he turns around, Damon is already anticipating the attack. Tyler tells Damon if he kills him then no one would ever be able to forgive him. Damon is beyond caring at this point. The two struggle for a second. Tyler tells Damon he can just walk away. He wants Damon to think about Elena, but Elena no longer exists for Damon. Tyler takes a gamble. He says if he’s going to die then let his be the face Damon can never forget, or maybe it will be the thing that wakes him up. Tyler tells him to do it, tear him apart. He seems relieved when Damon starts to walk away, but the reverse psychology doesn’t work. Damon turns around and tears into Tyler’s throat!

With both Enzo and Damon fully gone to the siren, it seems things are only going to get a lot worse in Mystic Falls! Sybil is hellbent on taking out every obstacle that keeps Damon from her which means things are really going to ramp up! What did you think of tonight’s episode? What does “Applesauce penguin” even mean? Let me know in the comments below.

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