We’re all waiting for the dreaded (and hugely anticipated) Klaus on The Vampire Diaries. Maybe some of us even have a few ideas on how he’ll bring chaos to Mystic Falls. But what really has us thinking is the imminent battle between this villain and our heroes.

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We know the Salvatores, Elena and the rest of the gang are all getting ready to face Klaus. However, there’s the possibility that they won’t be powerful enough to defeat him. In which case, they better get some allies to help out.

We asked the fans which characters might be able lend a hand in the battle against this incoming villain.

As the TVD gang gets ready to defeat Klaus, should the Salvatores work with John Gilbert? Why or why not?

Sandra Ramos: No way! He’s not worthy of trust! And also I hate him so bad I want his character to be killed off. But that’s just me. 😉

Harriet Olivia Chatwin: Yeah, I don’t trust him. He wants Damon dead, and that’s not good. I want him killed off too. Katherine should totally do it. Lol.

Allison Sarah Miller: Trusting John Gilbert is just a really bad idea. They’ve tried to trust him like three times, and all three he’s tried to kill them! NO WAY!

Terry Acker-Link: I feel the same way as all of you do. If not John Gilbert, what about Katherine? Even though she has her own agenda, she still comes through for the Salvatores and Elena (sort of).

Allison Sarah Miller: Katherine probably means well, but not for long. Now that Isobel is in town, things are a’ changin’.

Harriet Olivia Chatwin: They should work with her because she’s amazing and old, so she can help. She has nowhere better to go so she shouldn’t betray them. She has a history with them, whereas John’s just … John. But let’s say all else fails in the battle against Klaus. Do you think the Salvatores will ask the werewolves for help? Would Jules and her gang agree?

Elisa Lytton: Lol, does Jules have any “gang” left? I think the Salvatores and Elijah killed most of them! That would mean there’s way more of them out there than anyone thinks. Darn those reproducing dogs!

Naomi Stolk: It could happen, but the Salvatore brothers will find a way.

Alison Yanka Wilhelm: I think they’re going to have to wake Elijah from the dead for help. Who knows, maybe Katherine will pretend to be Elena to lure him into a trap.

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With that said, it seems as though the fans want an Original v.s. Original scenario. If you have any more ideas, comment below! And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more updates on The Vampire Diaries.

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