If you thought the Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con would become a debate over Ian Somerhalder vs. Paul Wesley, you’re only partially right.

The cast and producers of The Vampire Diaries also gave details on season 2, including the return of Katherine, Jeremy’s fate and Tyler Lockwood’s big secret.

Here are the highlights:

-Jeremy will wake up from his pill-popping cliffhanger at the start of season 2, though producers wouldn’t reveal if he comes back human or vampire.

-Mayor Lockwood may be dead, but his wife, the one who was all-too-eager to flirt with Damon, will take over the town of Mystic Falls.

-Confirming what people who follow the books already know, executive producer Kevin Williamson did say that we will see a transformation this season with Tyler Lockwood, who is a werewolf. However, they will definitely try to avoid making it corny or too similar to other werewolves like Alcide on True Blood or Jacob in Twilight.

-The stars like the flashbacks, and Paul Wesley even suggested an ’80s flashback to see him and Lexi dancing to bad music. The executive producers promised that flashbacks will continue to be a big part of the story.

-The producers give the honors of best hair and best abs to Paul Wesley. However, on the topic of which Salvatore is the better kisser, star Nina Dobrev wouldn’t say. The luckiest girl on TV doesn’t kiss and tell.

-Additionally, a video preview for season 2 was shown that featured Katherine (or Elena) choking Bonnie, Stefan choking Katherine (or Elena), Katherine (or Elena) stabbing Stefan and Damon telling Stefan that he kissed Elena (but he really kissed Katherine). Clearly season 2 is going to have some very complicated issues to work out with separating Katherine and Elena’s actions.

The Vampire Diaries returns September 9.

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