On this episode of The Exorcist, “Chapter Seven: Father of Lies,” Marcus enlists Mother Bernadette to help Casey whose condition is deteriorating while Father Bennett investigates the mysterious business with an inexplicable and vested interest in the Pope’s upcoming visit. At home, Angela loses hope.

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Father Tomas is going about his priestly duties, but he’s haunted by his relationship with Jessica. Tomas also knows of Casey’s whereabouts since he drove her and Marcus to Mother Bernadette. (Obviously, this demon needs a woman’s touch.) Marcus forbids Tomas to tell the Rances that they have Casey. This is no longer just a possession — it’s a 40-year-old grudge. The demon had Regan/Angela’s body and it lost it. This demon wants revenge, and it wants to torture Angela’s daughter in front of her. Marcus doesn’t plan to give it the satisfaction. 

Pushing Back the Darkness

Nine days later, Marcus is losing any momentum he may have gained. He believes the demon is rallying because it knows he’s winning, but Mother Bernadette thinks the demon has tripled in strength. If they fail, she’s convinced they will be unleashing an ancient violence into the world. If the creature fails to integrate, it will kill Casey out of spite. Marcus refuses to give up and reminds Mother Bernadette that it is their job to stand in the doorway and push back the darkness.

Bishop Egan talks to Tomas about the sensitivity of Casey’s “situation.” He admits that he made a mistake ignoring the evidence that Marcus and Tomas presented to him and apologizes, but moving forward, he tells Tomas that they need to be pro-active in protecting the church. Egan wants to know where Marcus is, and he doesn’t buy Tomas’ story that he doesn’t know. Egan questions what would happen if the public found out that an excommunicated priest was performing an unsanctioned exorcism right under their noses. And all of this is happening within a week of the Pope’s visit.

Marcus is an enemy of the church, and Egan cannot stress how crucial it is that they find him before he causes further scandal. Tomas sticks to his story that Marcus’ whereabouts remain unknown.

The Rance family and Chris sit down to do an interview on a national TV show, widening the net in case their daughter has crossed state lines. The reporter is eager to discuss the incident in Georgetown, and if the Rances or Chris believe there’s any connection between Angela’s highly-publicized experience and what’s happening to Casey now.

Chris steers the woman in another direction, but her next line of questioning isn’t any better. She questions if Casey is dangerous. The girl did wander away from a crash that left two medical workers dead. Henry defends Casey, stating she was sedated and strapped to a gurney. But the reporter brings up the “rumored” incident on the train and pulls out the police report that confirms Casey was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Angela refuses to sit through anymore and exits the interview with Henry close behind. Chris is pissed because this reporter went off script, ambushing them with questions she wasn’t supposed to ask. She apologizes but still grills Chris as to why Casey hasn’t come home.

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Marcus is allowing Tomas to help with the exorcism again but another lapse of concentration and he’s out. Along with Mother Bernadette and her nuns, Marcus and Tomas continue to try and free Casey, but appear to be making no progress at all. The creature bites Tomas and tosses a nun clear across the room.

Tomas wants to know what happened to Marcus in the lake, and he admits he held Casey’s head underneath the water and almost killed her. She stopped fighting; she stopped breathing and his madness had him. But then God ripped through his hands and brought Casey back. Tomas doesn’t understand why God would save Casey and the demon, and Marcus begs him not to go there. God doesn’t come running every time you snap your fingers. He does as He pleases, and it’s not their job to understand why. All Marcus knows is that Casey is now his ward, and he’s responsible for her.

Sympathy for the Rances and Casey has given way to something else. People are morbidly curious, especially given Angela’s past, and questions about Casey’s state of mind and supposedly violent behavior linger. As Angela and Henry return home, the wife of one of the medics Casey savagely killed confronts Angela. The woman doesn’t believe that a car crash could have done what was done to her husband. Angela is heartbroken and apologetic, but the pregnant widow is inconsolable.

Father Bennett Voices His Suspicions

The Papal Planning Committee is finalizing the details surrounding the Pope’s visit. Let’s not forget that the head of the committee, the devout and philanthropic Maria Walters, is a dirty devil worshipper. Father Bennett knows some big evil is brewing and is determined to take every precaution within his power to protect his Holiness.

As Superintendent Jaffey goes over the Pope’s route and scheduled stops through the city, Bennett expresses his concerns on just how vulnerable the Pope will be. Jaffey tells Bennett that he doesn’t chime in on how the priest says mass, so he shouldn’t tell him how to do his job. Bennett isn’t deterred. He wants the Pope to proceed directly to the stadium as originally planned  — no stops and do not pass go.

Brother Simon who was the key player in the ash ceremony, is also present. He tries to reassure Bennett by saying he’d had a lovely chat with the head of the Swiss Guard.to inform his of all of the changes. Not only does this provide zero comfort to Father Bennett, but he demands to know who Simon is, and why he’s even there. Maria defends Simon, stating he’s the head of fundraising and his efforts have gone a long way in making the entire trip possible.

Bennett reveals he took it upon himself to request copies of the committee’s accounts, and he found that Tattersal Landscaping has given over two million dollars to this campaign alone. He says this should come as no news to Maria Walters since her husband served on the Tattersal board of directors for nine years. Tattersal filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and all of its assets were dissolved, so Bennett wants to know how a defunct landscaping company funnels millions of dollars into their committee years after going out of business. Brother Simon promises to do some digging.

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Sometimes God has No Plan

Father Tomas visits the Rance family and Angela is anxious to know if he’s spoken to Father Marcus. Tomas continues to cover for Marcus, telling Angela they must be patient, but Marcus will make good on his promise to find and help Casey. Angela wants to know if Tomas thinks Casey is still alive, but after he confirms that he does, Angela questions how he can be so sure. Tomas replies he has faith. Angela has a message for God. The next time Tomas speaks to Him, she’d like to know how He could sit back and let something like this happen and then let her know what He said.

When Tomas arrives to check in on Casey, he’s shocked by her appearance. Marcus informs him that Casey’s body is failing. The demon has been quiet, attacking Casey’s body from within. If they can’t draw it out, they can’t perform the exorcism.

Marcus and Mother Bernadette are clashing over how to deal with Casey. She wants to end Casey’s life humanely. A cup of tea and a few herbs, and Casey gets a swift and painless end to her suffering. To her, sometimes suffering serves no higher purpose. Marcus argues that God isn’t the source of Casey’s suffering. Mother Bernadette cannot abide to continue needlessly torturing a young woman whose body is rotting away right before their very eyes with zero hope of recovery. She pleads with Marcus to spare Casey now while she still has her soul. If he continues on this path, she and the sisters will take no further part in the exorcism. Mother Bernadette urges Marcus to consider whether he is acting for Casey’s sake or his own?

Marcus is also running into opposition from Tomas. He thinks they have an obligation to tell Casey’s family so they can at least say goodbye. Marcus sees no need for farewells because Casey is not going to die. Tomas notices Casey crying and she meekly whispers “No more.”

One Badass Priest

Father Bennett continues his investigation by lurking around the old Tattersal warehouse. There is a putrid stench, crosses on the wall, and he’s not alone. He discovers an incinerator and ashes along with traces of blood. There’s no doubt this place is a serial killer’s wet dream.

He opens a door, and the remains of all the Southside victims lay there. Nobody bothered to dispose of the evidence. (I guess when the end is nigh, you don’t trouble yourself with those pesky details.)

Bennett is attacked from behind, and the priest does an admirable job fighting off men with just a flashlight and his bare hands, snapping one guy’s neck without flinching. After stabbing another, Bennett conducts last rites as the demon residing within tells Bennett the Pope is a pig, and all pigs will be bled.

Father Tomas in unraveling. He continues to see Jessica, but when she pushes him to confide in her about what’s troubling him, he gets angry and leaves. The bite he got from Casey is infected, and while trying to get help at the pharmacy, Tomas is accosted by a well-meaning but aggressive man. He recognizes Tomas from the news, and in spite of Tomas’ insistence that he wants to be left alone, the man is determined to get a picture. Tomas loses his temper and a physical altercation ensues.

Father Tomas’ Soul is Ripe for the Taking

Maria Walters rushes to Tomas’ aid. The man won’t press charges, and Maria is dying to get Tomas to come over to the dark side. The fact he called her for help has her pretty excited. Tomas asks Maria if she’s ever been in a situation when the only way to do the right thing is to do something wrong? He rambles on about how one small lie for the greater good multiplies until you’re lying to protect your own lies. Everyone may think he’s a rising star, but they don’t know the truth — that he’s losing himself.

Angela has been asking for Tomas. She’s huddled in the shower with Henry and Kat looking on. She tells Tomas that when Casey first ran away, she knew her daughter was alive; she could feel it, even if it was just a fluttering. But today, Angela feels nothing. She feels empty, like part of her is gone.

Casey barely resembles anything human, and Marcus finally seems ready to put an end to her suffering. As he is about to give her the tea, he hesitates and tells Mother Bernadette this is wrong. She tries to convince him it is the merciful thing to do, but Marcus believes this is God’s design, and he will not interfere. Bernadette wonders how he can believe that, and he questions how she cannot.

Angela rushes in, and Casey sits up. The “sow” has arrived, and now the fun really begins.

Can Father Tomas rally from his crisis of faith? Do you think Marcus should have let Casey die? Will Angela be able to save her daughter’s soul and her own? How will Father Bennett protect the Pope? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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