Downton Abbey’s third season might not be over yet, but it has certainly been a roller coaster ride so far. From the highs (Matthew and Mary get married!) to the lows (Sybil, no!) this season of the the upstairs-downstairs British import has been a bumpy ride.

To get us through the rest of the season, we might need a little help from our old friend alcohol. (Or whatever your drink of choice is. Maybe tea!) Until the final credits roll on the third season of Downton, here’s a way to deal with the nail-biting tension, Bates’ time in jail, and all the changes the 1920s are bringing to our friends at Downton. Please drink your beverage of choice responsibility.

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#14 Drink every time a storyline is repurposed from a former season like we wouldn’t notice.

Hello again Ethel!

#13 Drink every time someone mentions Alfred’s height.

He’s the tallest person anyone on Downton has ever seen.

#12 Drink when Mary says something mean.

Take a second drink if it’s about or to Edith.

#11 Drink when something falls out of the sky to solve a storyline.

Oh hey, we just got some money right when we needed it! What are the odds?

#10 Drink every time Bates shows up in jail and you lose interest in the episode.

Take a second drink if you think someone is about to get shanked and then they don’t.

#9 Drink every time Carson and Mrs. Hughes are obviously meant-to-be.

This could just be me.

#8 Drink every time there is a very vague sex pun.

Take a second drink if Matthew is the one saying it.

#7 Drink every time Robert thinks he’s smart and later turns out to be obviously dumb and wrong.

#6 Drink every time something soul-crushingly depressing happens.

I’m not crying, it’s just raining on my face.

#5 Drink every time the Dowager Countess says Branson instead of Tom.

#4 Drink every time something terrible happens to Edith.

Can Edith ever catch a break?

#3 Drink every time Thomas uncomfortably hits on Jimmy.

Who knew fixing clocks could be filled with so much bad touching?

#2 Drink every time O’Brien does something evil.

Extra sip if it’s to former scheming pal Thomas.

#1 Drink every time someone mentions the changing times.

Please stop before you die of alcohol poisoning.

Morgan Glennon

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV