All the buzz surrounding this week’s Glee has been about the Men of McKinley calendar shoot in which the guys from New Directions show some skin to raise money for Regionals. But there’s a special performance taking place in “Naked” that warrants some attention.

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New Directions will close out the episode performing “This is the New Year,” by A Great Big World, an independent pop music duo. If you haven’t heard of this band yet, now may be a great time to do so. Most of the time, the music performed on Glee is by hugely successful and well-known artists, so it’s especially exciting to see an independent band receive this recognition and exposure. And get this, their six-song EP was made possible because of a fundraising effort on Kickstarter.

Check out Glee‘s rendition of “This is the New Year” below, which begins right after Sam says to Artie, “It’s a new year and a new me.”

You’ll notice that the cast break the fourth wall and look directly into the camera while performing. This wasn’t something thought up by Ryan Murphy or anybody else working behind the scenes. It’s actually inspired by A Great Big World’s music video for “This is the New Year”:

Do you think this is a fitting song for New Directions to perform? And do you like the music video feel to the performance?

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