Everyone has been talking lately about the “Baby Got Back” scandal, with very strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Musician Jonathan Coulton has responded to Glee airing his arrangement on the show and what he’s doing as a result. Also in today’s Roundup, the song list for next week’s “Diva” episode has been revealed, and Ryan Murphy teases upcoming songs and storylines — will fans be able to buy the Men of McKinley calendar?

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Jonathan Coulton Releases “Baby Got Back” for Charity

Last week, we reported on the “Baby Got Back” scandal in which Glee covered Jonathan Coulton’s rendition of the Sir Mix-A-Lot hit without acknowledging whose arrangement they were using. According to Coulton, after the show aired the episode, they contacted him and admitted that they had the law on their side.

On his website, he wrote, “Well, they aired it, seemingly unchanged. And it’s now for sale in the US iTunes store. They also got in touch with my peeps to basically say that they’re within their legal rights to do this, and that I should be happy for the exposure (even though they do not credit me, and have not even publicly acknowledged that it’s my version — so you know, it’s kind of SECRET exposure). While they appear not to be legally obligated to do any of these things, they did not apologize, offer to credit me, or offer to pay me, and indicate that this was their general policy in regards to covers of covers. It does not appear that I have a copyright claim, but I’m still investigating the possibility (which I consider likely) that they used some or all of my audio.”

Coulton is understandably upset over the ordeal. But he decided to take matters into his own hands by releasing his version of “Baby Got Back” on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play — all in the name of charity. As he says, “It’s a cover of Glee‘s cover of my cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song, which is to say it’s EXACTLY THE SAME as my original version. I’m releasing this under the same Harry Fox license I used for the 2005 release … I’ll donate the proceeds from all sales that happen between now and the end of February to two charities: The VH1 Save the Music Foundation, and The It Gets Better Project. … This has been a very stressful time, and it means so much to see how many of you are behind me.”

Now that everyone knows who Jonathan Coulton is, do you think in time he’ll come to appreciate the exposure to him and his music as others have, like Greg Laswell (whose arrangement of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was covered by Finn in season 3)?

“Diva” Song List Revealed

If you can’t wait for next week’s episode, then maybe you want some insight into what songs the cast will be performing in “Diva.” Here’s a list of the seven featured songs: Beyonce’s “Diva,” Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Ike and Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits,” Barbra Streisand and Kim Carnes’ “Make No Mistake (She’s Mine),” “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, Madonna’s “Hung Up” and Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” Between Beyonce, Tina, Barbra, Madonna and all the rest, this is definitely shaping up to be a diva-filled hour, especially since Santana will pop up again after reuniting with Rachel last night to advise her not to take on a student film role where she’d have to do a topless scene.

Ryan Murphy’s Latest Twitter Q&A

Us Gleeks love it whenever showrunner Ryan Murphy has another of his Twitter Q&A sessions. So let’s take a look at some of his most recent answers to fan questions:

Question: “Is Finn’s new love interest someone we already know on the show?”
Ryan Murphy: “Finn does not have a new love interest. Wait, you just tricked me there didn’t you?”

Q: “I just ask for one thing …. A Cover of a Backstreetboys song… That is all.”
RM: “Happening.”

Q: “Will Mercedes return to New Directions?”
RM: “Yes in a funny interesting way.”

Q: “PLEASE tell me Matt [Morrison, aka Mr. Schue] will have his own song soon? I miss his voice.”
RM: “Yes. Several.”

Q: “Do you have anything you can tell us about the movies in ep. 15?” [This episode will feature music from the silver screen.]RM: “Footloose, Ghost, Animal House … these are just some of the highlights.”

Q: “When and how can I buy a Men of McKinley calendar?”
RM: “We are working on this. Thanks for your interest and passion!”

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