I make no apologies about how big of a Twilight fan I am. I’m obsessed. I watched all of the MTV Movie Awards last night just so that I could catch every single shot of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and the rest of the Twilight crew. I shushed the room every time one of them opened their mouths to speak. I downloaded the New Moon trailer and have watched it over and over again. Because of all this, I’ve noticed a couple of awesome and a couple not-so-awesome trailer moments I’d like to share with you today.

First, let me say that I think the trailer is amazing. Twilight won all the awards possible last night (almost) but it also won in the exclusive trailer/clip arena. As a Harry Potter fan as well, I was sorely disappointed to find out that the clip was a slightly extended version of one of the trailers. Moreover, the cast didn’t even attend the awards to present the “exclusive” footage. Fail. Twilight, on the other hand, rocked my world. From earlier last week when I saw the first 14 seconds to today when I finished my fifteenth view of the trailer, I’ve been captivated in body and mind. Edward, Bella, Jacob and the rest of the characters in this wonderfully angst-ridden novel have come to life. When I start rereading New Moon (again) tonight, I know my imagination will take off from where this trailer started. I will love New Moon. No doubt.

So, starting from the beginning of the trailer:

Hit: The first 14 seconds are so beautiful. There are no words. The Edward and Bella kiss is great. We all know what she really wanted for her birthday.

Kristen Stewart is a bit too coy for Bella when asking for this kiss. Not by a lot, but after watching the trailer over and over again I just know I find something off about it.

The love confession is pure gushy romance perfection.

Alice’s over-enthusiasm. I really wanted Alice and Bella to develop a deep friendship in New Moon and this looks promising.

Am I forgetting something? Why does Edward look so upset at the beginning of Bella’s party? Did they just have the “I want to be a vampire like you” fight before this? He looks like he’s going to kill Esme as she hugs Bella.

Rosalie, however, is supposed to be scowling at the party and Nikki Reed appears to be nailing it.

After Jasper tries to attack Bella, Rosalie looks concerned. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen.

The goodbye scene. It’s going to break my heart. I know it. Also, we don’t get any Kristen Stewart freak outs like at the end of Twilight.

Why, oh why couldn’t they just give me Edward’s Meadow? This scene is taking place in a meadow but it’s definitely not Edward’s. Edward’s meadow would be much prettier.

Taylor Lautner’s abs. I think a lot of women are reminding themselves that he’s only 17 years old.

Slight Miss:
So at first I was really bothered because in the book, the wolf pack saves Bella from Laurent and she doesn’t know it’s Jacob. It adds to the suspense and the eventual reveal. In the trailer, it looks like Jacob phases in front of Bella to save her from Laurent but it’s very clearly two scenes. She’s wearing a brown jacket in one and a blue jacket with her backpack on in the other. I don’t know how the werewolf reveal will work out, but I hope it’s good.

The CGI is very “Chronicles of Narnia” and I actually didn’t like the CGI for those movies so I’m a bit concerned about the werewolves.

Overall, I squealed so much there’s no denying how much I love this trailer. 11.20.09 is burned into my brain. I can’t help but sit and wait in anticipation. Check out the slideshow of my analysis to see all the pictures that go along with my comments:

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