At this point on So You Think You Can Dance, I should be saying something along the lines of “the finalists are finally hitting their stride” — and indeed they are. Compared to previous weeks, I can remember more than one performance this week (although I probably remember some for the wrong reasons — hello, Miss Froderman).

But I’ve got a completely different thought: will this week be the week when tapper Melinda Sullivan finally heads home? She was saved from elimination last week after Nigel Lythgoe was overruled by his fellow judges — but at the expense of Cristina Santana, and the fate of this season’s female finalists. With only three girls left, it’d make some sense to keep all the girls for one more week and send home one of the guys.

Catch is, the guys are doing quite well — even Adechike Torbert, who’s finally getting the hang of the competition. As for Melinda, well, Mia Michaels’ (tactless?) admission that she was wrong in not sending her home last week doesn’t bode well for her fate. And thanks to our disappointment when Cristina went home, I won’t be surprised to see the anti-Melinda sentiment finally kicking in this week.

And judging from the poll results, your FTV picks, and that little discussion John and I had, it’s going to happen. Or will it? Here go the numbers, then, crunched so you don’t have to:

Poll results from last night’s live recap:

Melinda Sullivan — 88%
Jose Ruiz — 6%
Adechike Torbert — 4%

John Kubicek’s bottom three:

Adechike Torbert
Melinda Sullivan
Robert Roldan

Ashley could replace one of the guys in the bottom three, but Melinda will be going home tonight. There’s no way they’ll keep her around.

Henrik Batallones’ bottom three:

Adechike Torbert
Jose Ruiz
Melinda Sullivan

Who else is in the bottom three doesn’t matter this week, as Melinda will finally be sent home tonight.

Study questions before tonight’s results show: Should we expect a surprise? Should we be ready to bid Melinda farewell?

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