L-O-V-E. That’s right, Gleeks. It’s Valentine’s Day! And what better way to celebrate than to watch Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode. We’ve had some big episodes lately. First, the Michael Jackson tribute. Last week saw Ricky Martin come to McKinley High. And in this week’s “Heart,” we have three very special guest stars: Rachel’s dads and The Glee Project Winner Samuel Larsen.

This week, Finn meets Rachel’s dads, who invite the whole family over for dinner. Santana complains about not being able to kiss Brittany in public. And Kurt has a secret admirer; is it Blaine?

I Call It The Sugar Shack … Because I’m Rich

The assignment of the week for New Directions is to find the world’s greatest love songs. They also need to raise a whole lot of dough for Regionals. To those who chip in at least $10, the glee club will sing for them. Sounds pretty easy, right? I doubt it would’ve been. Fortunately for them all, Sugar Motta donates the full amount of money needed since her family’s rich. I’m always fascinated by her total disregard for being classy and humble every time she mentions being rich.

Speaking of having wealth, Sugar also announces that her family is renaming Breadstix to the Sugar Shack; she invites everyone over for Valentine’s Day. But there’s a very simple rule: you have to bring a date, because as you know, being single is sad and boring, as she puts it.

Fathers of the Future Bride

Finn and Rachel arrive at the auditorium, not knowing why they were asked to meet there. Out come Rachel’s dads, Hiram and LeRoy on the stage with a piano in tow, briefly singing “Chapel of Love.” They know that Rachel and Finn are getting married, and they’re totally fine about it. Really, they are (umm … are they?). If the two lovebirds are really sure about going through with this, then they won’t stand in the way. Hiram and LeRoy are having a Valentine’s Day dinner over at their house and decide to invite the Hummel’s.

My Last Name’s Hart Because It’s Valentine’s Day

A meeting of the God Squad begins with Mercedes and Sam welcoming Quinn back after her rebellious stage. Did I miss something? When did Sam join this club? Or is he only doing it because he wants to get back with Mercedes?

The God Squad introduce their newest member, Joe Hart, played by The Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen. In a seemingly blatant attempt to tell viewers that he’s religious, Joe mentions that his tattoos are Bible quotes and that he knows how to play guitar, but only knows Christian music. How convenient!

Sam puts forth the idea that they do singing telegrams, and everyone agrees.

My Secret Admirer … A Gorilla?

At lunch, Kurt receives a Valentine’s Day card from a secret admirer as well as a gorilla gram; he assumes that it’s all courtesy of Blaine, since he’s still recovering from surgery. I don’t know; I have a feeling it’s not. Later in the episode, Kurt receives another card, and I have this strange suspicion that Sebastian is behind it to try to make a fool of Kurt.

When Artie finds out that Rory is going to take Sugar as his date, he says he’s going to ask her out. This starts a feud between the two. As Mike and Tina perform “L.O.V.E,” we see the two guys offering various gifts to Sugar.

Principal Figgins order Santana and Brittany to his office when he catches them kissing — lesbian kissing, as he puts it. He’s apparently been receiving complains, something to do with religious reasons.

Rachel and Finn announce to New Directions that they’re getting married and invite them all to the wedding. Afterwards, Artie performs “Let Me Love You” to Sugar.

Later, the God Squad performs “Stereo Hearts” as a singing telegraph to Rachel from Finn. Santana says she wants to send one to her girl, Brittany. She’s obviously trying to make a point since the God Squad is a Christian group.

Rory performs “Home” because he’s going to have to go back to Ireland at the end of the school year since his visa extension was denied. Upon listening to this, Sugar asks Rory to be her date for Valentine’s Day.

Rachel’s dads and the Hummel’s try to be discreet in getting Rachel and Finn to call off the wedding by allowing “teenage lovemaking” to occur in Rachel’s bedroom. They’re not actually going to have sex, but I guess they’re going to sleep in the same bed. When Finn wants to use the bathroom, they get in an argument. The two later kiss and make up and head off to Breadstix, but not before announcing to Rachel’s dads that they’re moving up the wedding to May! Say what?

To Whitney, With Love

Mercedes decides she can’t be with anyone right now and breaks up with Sam (and I believe Shane as well). And here comes the ironic coincidence when she sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

So … who’s inside that gorilla costume? Whoh! I did not see that one coming. It’s Karofsky. He’s wanted to call Kurt ever since that night at Scandals. Kurt turns him down and Karofsky leaves.

The Triumphant Return of Blaine the Love Pirate

At the newly renamed Sugar Shack, the God Squad performs “Cherish/Cherish” to Brittany from Santana; Joe said that “love is love, man.” When Sugar mentions to Rory how she’s going to miss him, the look on his face says that he was lying when he said he’ll be moving back to Ireland.

Blaine makes a triumphant return. After ripping off his heart-shaped eye patch, he and New Directions perform “Love Shack,” and everything is right with the world again.

The episode ends with this title card across our TV screens:

Whitney Houston


We Will Always Love You

I have many questions moving forward now. Will Samuel be a big presence or will he eventually move to the background like Rory ended up doing? And speaking of Rory, the whole fake “my visa extension has been denied” spiel — will that storyline be dropped or will Sugar eventually realize that he’s still here?

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