If you didn’t know by now, Glee will be taking a six-week hiatus following next Tuesday’s episode, “On My Way.” That’s quite a long time for us Gleeks to have to wait for more from New Directions and Co. So what will get us to come back to the show after such a long wait? Or a better question might be, what could Glee do to stress us out during the hiatus?

E! Online talked with Vanessa Lengies, who plays Sugar Motta, and she vaguely reveals how the show’s winter finale will end:

Glee will leave us hanging with a huge cliffhanger in next week’s episode, titled ‘On My Way.’ ‘The Regional episode is probably one of the most on-the-edge-of-my-seat episodes that I’ve read yet this season. It had twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting,’ Lengies tells us. She chalked up [the] cliffhanger to the fact that Glee will go on hiatus after the Regionals episode. ‘I guess that’s why they just wanted to shock everyone, and I was definitely shocked when I read it,’ she says.'”

What do you think the cliffhanger will be? Any predictions? Hypable recently reported on some location shoots that Glee is doing; what they’re reporting would definitely make for a huge cliffhanger. Do not check out that report if you do not want to be majorly spoiled on a possible future storyline. If the cliffhanger is not this, then what could it be?

Glee‘s winter finale airs next Tuesday at 8pm; the show returns April 10.

Source: E! Online

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