This week on the series premiere of The Secret Circle, a girl named Cassie loses her mother and is sent to live in the town her mother grew up in. Of course, she discovers that … she’s a witch? The clique that enlists her are all witches too, and now they have a full-on covenant! But it’s a secret one, because all of their parents were a part of the last one, and it ended with fatal consequences.

Set Fire to the Rain

Well, just set fire to the house. First, we see Cassie — our lead girl who is most certainly not Lux(y) — talking to her mom on the phone. In the short time we are supposed to assume that they have a Lorelei and Rory relationship. Like lightning could strike twice (it does later!). Anyway, then, we see a man walk up and start lighting the house with Cassie’s mom inside. We assume she dies.

To Grandmother’s House We Go

One month later, Cassie drives 1,000 miles in some old car to a place literally called Chance Harbor. Side notes — first of all, why would any ship go to a place where they have to take a chance on the safety of their harbor? Second of all, what grandmother in her right mind would allow her 16-year-old granddaughter to do this alone? I predict an evil one (we’ll see … but not in the pilot).

First Day of School Jitters

Cassie is introduced to her new high school clique. First, there is the boy next door, Nick, who I suppose is supposed to be the mysterious bad boy. Then, there is Faye, resident reckless mean girl and her sidekick Melissa, who has like three lines in the entire episode.

I’m honestly surprised that this show is not called the Secret Pentagram given how the sidekick Melissa doesn’t seem important. Up next is the coven’s couple: Dianna, a naturally nice queen bee, and Adam, the kid totally interested in Cassie even though he is dating Dianna. Later, the five decide to surprise her and basically ruin her life.

Confrontation Circle

Did anyone else think that Cassie was about to have an intervention? I wish because then they could have actually intervened on her uncanny ability to run away from everything. But, they don’t, and instead decide to gently (well, except for Faye — who I predict will eventually become awesome) break it to her that she is a witch! And then, she runs away. 

Twilight Sucks, Witches Rule

This better be the last episode with any comparisons/similarities to Twilight. Yet, my faith in this show is already strong because in spite of this, I can watch it. First, Adam, who the show is pushing us to like, saves Cassie when the dangerous Faye starts Cassie’s car on fire (wouldn’t it be more fitting if Faye’s dad was Charles?).

Then, in a pretty glittery scene, Adam and Cassie make magic … I mean, yeah, real magic. The two actually have some nice chemistry before she runs away (she rivals Veronica Mars with this trait). But this had better be the last reminder of that other franchise. Besides, I’d rather the show draw from an awesome vampire series like its sister show, The Vampire Diaries.


The adults seem to be as central to this story as the teens. Apparently, these six families are all intertwined and are fated and written in the stars. All of the teens have one parent dead (which is a sad, but interesting twist) and were never told of their ancestry. All of the adults seem to have history, and one in particular — good girl Dianna’s dad Charles — kills other ones.


Reckless Faye starts a storm with lightning, and of course Cassie is the only one to stop it because she is obviously powerful. Adam doesn’t deny his attraction to Cassie and says that whatever is going on between them must stop. Charles and Faye’s principal mother Dawn are clearly up to no good. All the pieces are in place, and this season might be a good game.

Number of Times Cassie Ran Away: Three times. Four, if you count moving to Chance Harbor.

This was a good pilot. It had a slow burn in some parts, but I think that the idea of a supernatural clique is the right step for the CW. I particularly like the idea that the adults have a history that is mirroring this one. Also, did anyone else notice future themes of choice vs. fate? I don’t expect The Secret Circle to be like Lost, but it would be great if there was some depth beyond love triangles and witchcraft. And I look forward to this season.

Emily Steck
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