We’re into season 7 of House, and things have heated up for our favorite (but horrible) doctor. This season promises new patients, new House team members and, of course, lots of Huddy action!

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Season 7 Overview
The big news in season 7 is that House and Cuddy are finally together. It’s not likely that such a strong-willed couple can avoid squabbles and serious road-bumps. We’ll have to keep watching to find out exactly which bumps will cause the most trouble! On the medical side of things, the House team has shaken itself up again. Cameron is gone, and Thirteen is at least temporarily MIA. Look for some new blood to mix with the old as the doctors try to solve some of medicine’s biggest mysteries. Along the way, be sure to check back with BuddyTV for all of the House spoilers and news you need!

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Season 7 News

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