Check out this behind the scenes interview (thanks, Zap2It!) with How I Met Your Mother star Colbie Smulders all dolled up as her teen idol past self, Robin Sparkles.

How will Robin Sparkles make her return to HIMYM? It’s even more awesome than you expected: The gang finds footage of a TV show called Space Teens, which Robin Sparkles starred on with her Canadian mentor Alan Thicke and fellow teen queen Jessica Glitter (guest star Nicole Scherzinger).

“It’s just a show about teenagers in space, solving crimes with math,” Smulders explains, “which sounds kind of awesome.”

She’s right–that does sound awesome. For more about adult Robin’s upcoming storylines, watch the rest of the interview:


We can’t wait for the return of sparkly Robin in Space Teens! It might be a little while until the episode airs, but there’s lots to look forward to in How I Met Your Mother land in the next couple of weeks:

Next week, Jennifer Morrison starts her guest stint as Ted’s lovely “nemesis” Zoey, and the gang’s Halloween episode will also feature Will Forte returning as Marshall’s clueless co-worker Randy. (Click those links for photos from each episode!)

(Image courtesy of CBS)