The River is a scary show, even to those who made it happen. BuddyTV had a chance to speak to Joe Anderson, the actor who stars in The River as Lincoln Cole. What was it like on the set of The River? What was scary about making the show? Keep reading to learn Anderson’s answers from the video interview.

The River tells the story of an expedition searching for lost naturalist Emmet Cole. Dr. Cole, a TV personality known the world over for his adventurous nature show, vanished in the Amazon basin some six months prior to the events of The River. After Cole had been given up for dead, a rescue beacon inspires a new search.

The expedition consists of Cole’s wife, Tess (Leslie Hope, 24), and son, Lincoln (Joe Anderson), as well as some of Emmet Cole’s old associates and a television crew intent on making a reality show about the journey.

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The expedition does not find Emmet Cole right away. But they do find a whole lot of supernatural activity. As the characters of The River press deeper into the Amazonian jungle on Cole’s old ship, the Magus, they encounter multiple examples of unexplained phenomena — most of which seem to want them dead.

Joe Anderson stars in The River as Lincoln Cole, the estranged son of the missing Emmet. A doctor on the path to a successful research career, Lincoln is initially skeptical of any attempts to find his father.

Anderson is mostly known for his work in several recent feature films, including Across the Universe, The Grey and the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 (in which he plays the vampire Alistair).

BuddyTV spoke with Joe Anderson in advance of the River premiere. Click play below to check out what he had to say about his character, the show and some scary things encountered during production.

The River premieres on Tuesday, February 7 at 9pm on ABC.

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