On this week’s episode of Alcatraz, we have the first case of a guard reappearing in modern day San Francisco. He also has information about Madsen’s family that may change the entire outlook of the series. Or maybe not.

Training Day

Back in the go-go sixties, Guy Hastings worked as one of the head guards on Alcatraz. Not only was a a guard, but he was also responsible for training all of the new guards who come to work on the island. He has a comfortable life with his wife and daughter living in the guard’s apartments on the island. His wife is talking about how perfect their life is, which means that something terrible is about to happen. Hastings then goes to his new recruits, one of whom is Ray Archer.

We then jump to present day and see Hastings in his old apartment, which is now old and dilapidated. He is interrupted by a current Alcatraz guard and proceeds to beat the guy into a bloody pulp. Hastings retrieves his gun from a secret nook in the floor and goes out into society. Meanwhile, Madsen is enjoying breakfast with Ray and is called in by Hauser to start the hunt for Hastings.

Family Tree

Madsen, Doc, and Hauser go to check out Hastings’ old apartment and find his secret hiding place. They also notice that Hastings had a daughter named Annie and start their hunt by talking to her. Doc and Madsen go to Annie’s under the guise that Doc is doing research for a new book. How many different books could you write about Alcatraz? They found out that Annie and her mom were told that there was a chemical spill on the island and that Guy had become a hideous Toxic Avenger monster and died. Doc then asks Annie if they could borrow the stuff that belonged to Guy when he worked there to do more research.

A flashback shows us that Hastings was training Ray in the mess hall when Ray was attacked by Tommy Madsen, the grandfather of our intrepid detective. It turns out that Ray is the guy that Hastings is trying to find in the present. Hastings pulls a gun on Ray and says hello with a nice pistol whip to the forehead, which is how the guards would high five each other back in the day.

Missed Connections

After Ray was attacked by Tommy in the mess hall, both Warden james and Tiller are called in. Tiller suspects that Ray knows Tommy and is going to try to help him escape. Ray denies this and Hastings allows him to stay. In the present, Doc discovers that Hastings trained Ray when Madsen is called about Ray missing.

Hastings has taken Ray to his house and is trying to learn more about Tommy. Ray says that Tommy is dead, but agrees to take him to Tommy’s son. After they leave the house, Madsen, Hauser, and Doc show up and find the place ransacked. They find out that Hastings is using Ray to find Tommy. I guess it’s very convenient that Madsen is the grand daughter to the most important person in San Francisco.

Hostage Situation

Ray takes Hastings to see Tommy’s son, which is a graveyard. Haha, joke’s on you Hastings! Hastings notices that the gravestone says that he was a father and soon makes the connection that Ray raised Madsen. Ray says he’ll take Hastings to Tommy if he leaves Madsen out of it. You fool, she’s the only one who can help you! Ray takes Hastings to an old house and says that it is the place Tommy and him were raised.

While Doc and Madsen search for the same house they discover that Ray and Tommy were brothers, and that Ray changed his name to get a job on Alcatraz. We’re supposed to be shocked by this, but it isn’t that big of a twist. Doc and Madsen find the house with the help of a nerd and Madsen goes in to find Ray handcuffed to a radiator. Before she can help she is attacked from behind by Hastings.

Role Reversal

Hauser soon arrives at the house and finds Madsen being held at gun point. He immediately tells Hastings that he is going to shoot him in the head when he counts to three. I think that Hauser has to shoot someone in every episode. Madsen prevents this from happening by shooting Hastings in the leg. Hauser takes Hastings in his custody and let’s him see his daughter and her family from the car before taking him to the secret jail.

With the case wrapped up, Madsen confronts Hauser about Ray being asked to join the task force, which explains why Ray was so casual about the fact that his old boss is now 40 years younger than him. Ray is busy closing down his bar when Tommy comes in. Apparently Ray and Tommy have been in contact for a while, but Ray warns Tommy to stay away from his grand daughter.

With another episode in the books, it looks like we only have more questions that need to be answered. It looks like the show is stealing more than Lost’s soundtrack. While each episode is compelling, I’m waiting for more solutions to unfold.

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