With new competition from The Voice, The Bachelor needed to come out with an explosive episode. Three people were eliminated. One of them, Jamie, unfortunately was my early season pick to win. Jamie’s departure was one amongst several cringe-worthy scenes. Some of these scenes included Blakely sharing her scrapbook, Jamie’s kiss with Ben, and Casey’s breakdown about her quasi ex-boyfriend. Here are the top 10 Tweets about episode 6:

Recap: Week 6

#10. @Heathermcdonald  

Ben is so stupid doesn’t he get that it’s about winning & not about him. Courtney wants to be runner up/bachelorette.

– Sort of a quiet episode for Courtney this week. I think everyone at this point is pretty bored of seeing her naked.

#9. @Jenniferweiner 

Salsa dancing. “Blakeley is very confident.” I think she’s pretending that Ben is a pole

– It was surprising to see how confidant she was. Especially since she was wearing a dress that made her look like a red chicken. 

#8. @Gingibberish

Nothing says ‘I’m a lunatic’ like making a scrapbook for a dude you barely know. Check your backseat for a while.

– I could totally see a Blakely-like stalker/killer in an episode of CSI, or a sequel to Single White Female. 

#7. @TrishelleC

ABC shows a stray cat as Blakely leaves. So mean! Just b/c he didn’t pick her means she’s a crazy cat lady now?! Lol!

– My thoughts exactly. I see her more as a pit bull owner. 

#6. @Vonbunnie

My favorite part on The Bachelor is when the woman says she wants honesty & integrity from a man who is dating 20 women at the same time.

– My prediction for the final: Ben is turned down for the second time in a row.  

#5. @Marissajustmay

so apparently that whole 50 million page application where you list all your bf’s didn’t raise a flag in this chicks head? 

– I was surprised that it took this long to get the truth out of her. You would have thought before the trip to Sonoma, Puerto Rico, or Panama City she would have let them know. Then again they were free trips!

#4. @Team_bentley 

Did Ben not think something was up when the camera crew was sitting in his room with him? 

– Yeah I noticed that too. Glad they stuck around for the pensive Ben shot on the balcony. 

#3. @Whitneyduncan 

Ben in a loin cloth = something I never want to see again.

– I think there was a lot that happened during that date that I never want to see or hear about again. 

#2. @AshleySpivey 

Omg Jaime. I have no words. None. Fancy. Oh god.

– Who knows what the hell was going on? 

#1. @Jillianharris 

That’s a pretty intense instruction guide. She must really want a do-over.

– Oh well. I guess my pick to win turned out to be the biggest lemon of the season. Till next week. 

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