The Voice coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton found true love on the set of the hit NBC reality singing competition during season 10. But when Gwen returns to the series for season 12, will their relationship become a distraction to longtime fans of the show? How should NBC handle their relationship?

Gwen and Blake made it very clear they were enamored with each other when they worked together as coaches during season 10 of The Voice. The duo flirted with each other throughout the season and towards the conclusion of their time together on the show, they were caught on-camera by the paparazzi after their first official date in early 2016.

Both singers had gone through tough public breakups from their respective spouses. Gwen was wed to singer Gavin Rossdale for 14 years. Blake was married to country superstar Miranda Lambert for three years. While the public cheered for the romance between Blake and Gwen to succeed, will their relationship bring more harm than good to The Voice?

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Will Blake and Gwen’s Relationship Be Good Publicity for The Voice?

Blake continues to make references to his relationship with Gwen during season 11. Although his comments are warmly received, fans might get tired of hearing about the couple’s romance. Will the show find itself taking a back burner to the couple’s affair upon Gwen’s return to the show?

The Voice ultimately finds itself in a quandary. If it exploits the duo’s chemistry, it could prove to be a windfall for NBC in terms of ratings. Even if their relationship goes south, that could also prove to be a bonus for The Voice, as fans will tune in to see how the couple would handle working together after a breakup.

But on the other hand, if the show turns its focus more towards the couple and away from the contestants, they could lose key viewers who watch The Voice for its up-and-coming talent and not its romantic entanglements.

The best thing for NBC to do would be to downplay Gwen and Blake’s love affair, asking the couple to keep their romance strictly off-camera, perhaps by coming to a shared agreement that any innuendoes regarding their relationship would be forbidden on-set. This type of move would give the show the ability to focus on the contestants instead of the coaches. Otherwise the series’ press would be entirely about the relationship between the two stars instead of the hopefuls competing to be the season’s winner.

Despite NBC’s best intentions, fans of the show might still find themselves tuning in to watch the dynamic between the two lovebirds instead of focusing on the fledgling talent. This is likely something The Voice producers don’t want.

The Voice should also keep an eye on what Gwen posts on her social media accounts, where fans have commented she “flaunts” her relationship with Blake. Many of her followers are unhappy with the many photos Gwen posts of the couple on her Instagram account. The Voice could suggest that for the duration of the season, the No Doubt singer should curb her social media use and ensure a professional attitude towards the work at hand rather than focusing on her personal entanglements.

“Be together but Gwen once again posts for attention. She does NOTHING w/o posting, Insta it, snap-chatting it. So weird for a grown woman. Let this circus be over with already. Not buying it,” said one Instagram follower of the blonde singer, who posted a sweet photo of herself and her lover.


A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on Jun 19, 2016 at 10:28am PDT

Another Instagram user commented, “I hope he won’t break her heart. I think she has emotionally invested so much in him already. Maybe she needs to slow down a little.”

What do you think? Will the romance between Gwen and Blake overshadow the competitors on season 12 of The Voice? Will the show have to rein in their romance not to lose viewers? Let us know your feelings in the comments section below.

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