Pitch’s “Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez” gets so stressful! With just 48 hours, Oscar has to figure out which players he wants to trade. Which player is in jeopardy? Ginny’s BFF Blip!

Will Blip Be Traded?

Pitch’s “Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez” starts 48 hours before the MLB trade deadline and everyone’s super stressed out. Oscar sits down to figure out a plan while the Padres play and Mike ends the game with an incredible catch. Ginny doesn’t really know about the trade deadline and starts to freak out, especially because Blip’s spot could be in jeopardy, but Mike tells them all that they’ll all be okay.

Eventually, Mike makes a rousing speech. The next few days will be rough, but they just won six games in a row, so he’s pretty confident they’ll all stay where they are. Unfortunately, a grim looking Oscar walks through the room at that moment and freaks everyone out. “I take that back. One of you is gone,” Mike says.

Oscar goes to talk to Al and says he’s going to talk to the team’s president about getting the players Al says he needs to get into the playoffs. So Oscar goes to the president, who says not to give up any of their top prospects and that Oscar needs to cut at least $2 million from the payroll. Besides that, there are no limits. Oscar points out that that’s contradictory. “Your whole life is a can-do story, Oscar. There’s no limit to what you can do. Is there?” he replies.

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Later, Ginny goes over to the Sanders’ house for dinner. Evelyn really wants to buy her dream house, but Blip can’t do that with the trade deadline coming up. He’s pretty worried he’ll be traded and reality starts to sink in for Ginny. “You can’t move. You’re the only real friends I have,” Ginny says.

Soon, Oscar starts making changes and Al has to let the player Butch know he’s been traded, but the president keeps pressuring Oscar to cut the payroll down even more.

Ginny winds up calling Eliot and asks about his fantasy baseball team. She wants to know if Blip is on his team and if the Padres would ever trade such a good player like Blip. He says it’s improbable, but possible. As long as some player named Alfonzo Guzman-Chavez stays on the Orioles, though, they’ll be fine. But if he’s traded to another team, there could be a domino effect and all these other players could get traded, which could lead to Blip being traded.

Oscar has an abscess tooth and his assistant demands that he go to the dentist despite being so busy. He asks her to send an employee named Ross with him. So he brings a lower level employee with him to work for him while he’s driving and at the dentist. It turns out that his assistant sent the wrong Ross though, and this guy’s an idiot, but Oscar eventually makes another deal. Now he needs to find a new third baseman.

With 27 hours and 30 minutes left, Mike gives another speech saying goodbye to Butch. They also welcome a new player named Omar and Al reveals Butcher has been traded yet again to a different team. Ginny and another player, Tommy, decide to take their minds off things by running up the steps. Then, they get serious and Tommy reveals that his kids are best friends with Butch’s kids, which is sad. Tommy then introduces Ginny to his wife and son, but Ginny gets distracted and sees a rumor online that a team is asking about Blip, so she walks away.

Time is quickly running out and Oscar’s getting desperate. He wants to trade with the Angels, but their manager doesn’t like him. Ginny then goes to hang out with Evelyn, who promises that they’ll still see each other even if Blip is traded, but Ginny says “You can say that, but things happen.” Blip comes home and they all find out that Guzman-Chavez has been traded. Ginny freaks out, but Blip says, “This isn’t your life, it’s mine.” His kids’ lives will be affected by this, so he can’t take care of her right now.

Finally, there are just two hours and seven minutes left. Amelia goes to talk to Ginny, who freaks out about Blip possibly being traded. Amelia says Ginny could tell them she wants Blip to stay since she’s such a hot commodity. “You are the Padres,” she says.

Oscar eventually gets to talk to the Angels’ manager, but they don’t make a deal. The Angels are also talking to the Cubs, though, and Oscar needs to know why. Suddenly, Ginny shows up in Oscar’s office and demands to talk to him. He promises he won’t trade her, but she’s not coming for her. “With all the butts I put in seats, with all the Ginny Baker shirts you sell, I’m never going to have more leverage than I have now,” she says. She wants Blip to stay, but Oscar can’t discuss this with her. She brings up his family, but he says they pay a ton of money to players to play a kid’s game, so they get to trade them. After a few years, the players can become free agents and figure things out themselves. He just unloads on her. But that pretty much gives him the idea to trade Blip and he realizes that the Cubs want to make a deal.

Finally, there are just 31 minutes and 26 seconds left. Oscar talks with the Cubs’ manager. With 9 minutes and 46 seconds left, Blip goes to talk with Ginny. He hasn’t heard anything yet, but he apologizes for yelling at her. With six minutes and three seconds left, Oscar makes a deal, but they’re over budget. They negotiate some more and make a deal just under the wire. And Ross helped Oscar do it! Finally, time runs out and Blip hasn’t been traded. He and Ginny are overjoyed.

Oscar’s super happy with all his hard work, but the president comes in and says the work isn’t done. He wants Mike to be traded. He has a no-trade clause, so Oscar has to convince Mike to trade himself. Meanwhile, in the locker room, while everyone who’s staying is happy, it’s a bittersweet moment because others had to leave.

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How Did Ginny’s Dad Die?

Pitch flashes back to a younger Ginny watching a boy from her neighborhood move away. She’s devastated. The boy, Jordan, had moved from Charlotte three months earlier and they met at baseball practice. He was extremely talented. They decided not to date, but became really close friends.

Later, Ginny’s dad has to drive Jordan home one night because Jordan’s dad couldn’t come to pick him up. He’s was busy and never showed up to the games because he doesn’t care about baseball. Jordan’s dad comes out when they get there. He seemed pretty drunk and it’s clear that he and Jordan had a bad relationship.

Eventually, Ginny got a free ride to college, but Jordan’s dad didn’t have the money to send him to college, so she had to leave him behind.

At one point, Jordan revealed that his dad was coming to a game, and he was so excited, but his dad never showed up. Ginny’s dad called Jordan’s dad and left a message asking him to come to the game, but he was on the couch super drunk. He passed out and listened to the message later. He felt bad, so he drove drunk to catch the end of the game and crashed his car. That was the crash that Ginny and her dad got into that killed Ginny’s dad! (Of course it was.) So Jordan had to move.

Will Ginny Find Out About Mike And Amelia?

Mike and Amelia are still sleeping together, but she doesn’t want to stay the night. She leaves and finds her side mirror has been smashed. “Oh not again. I hate this groupie on groupie crime,” Mike says. Amelia’s understandably pissed he considers her a groupie.

Mike winds up getting Amelia a loaner car while her’s is in the shop. She goes to see him and tells him not to apologize for calling her a groupie by treating her like one. She can get her own car. Bad move, Mike. She then has Eliot return the car and accidentally admits she’s hooking up with Mike.

Mike and Blip hang out later and Mike avoids a call from a woman. He refuses to tell Blip who it is, but Blip quickly figures out it’s Amelia. He tells him he has to tell Ginny before it gets out.

Eventually, Amelia and Mike make up and Amelia agrees to spend the night. They decide to tell Ginny about their relationship too. So Amelia tells Ginny and it’s pretty awkward. Then Ginny gets a call from Mike and she ignores it.

Were you surprised by how Ginny’s dad died? Do you think Mike will leave the Padres?

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