In this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra and Eddie’s business is suffering some growing pains, and so are the newlyweds. David and Shannon come to some harsh realizations about their marriage. And Lizzie tries to get her swimwear into an exclusive boutique.

Marital Bliss or Miss?

We pick up right where last week’s episode left off, with Shannon having a hissy fit that people think she’s unhappily married. This is after having a fight with hubby David in front of two other couples over tequila.

David manages to talk his bitchy bride off the ledge and they return to the table. She apologizes, blaming her outburst on having had an emotional week. This little scene only strengthens Vicki’s resolve to help save Shannon and David’s marriage.

In her capacity as amateur marriage counselor, the group heads to a local bar and whoops it up. Shannon and Vicki even do a Coyote Ugly impersonation and get up on the bar.


Tamra’s still dragging around the robot baby from hell. Tamra tells Eddie the baby’s incessant crying has driven her to thoughts of suicide. She also realizes that it has been seven years since the birth of her last child, and she may no longer have the stamina to raise an infant.

Not only does Tamra have her hands full with baby Astro, but she’s also planning CUT Fitness’ one-year anniversary party. During a meeting, Tamra and son/manager Ryan indicate to Eddie they would both like to have the floors redone, which Eddie apparently screwed the pooch on. In Tamra’s estimation, a $30,000 mistake. The details are fuzzy, but the bottom line is they look like crap.

This has apparently been a bone of contention between the co-business owners for a while. Eddie is against doling out the money to fix the problem. Whether it’s because they don’t have it or he doesn’t want to spend it is unclear.

The former appears to be the reason because the three also discuss an impending increase in membership fees. There is a lot of friction between Ryan and Eddie about the family business, something Tamra doesn’t like to see. It reminds her of ex-husband Simon’s tumultuous relationship with her eldest son.

Quality Time

Vicki arranges a romantic day of horseback riding and probably back-biting for Shannon and David. I have to applaud Vicki’s efforts to try and save a sinking ship. She does benefit from the wisdom of hindsight, and for once, she’s trying to use her powers for good.

Shannon is encouraged that they were able to move past their argument and enjoy the rest of their evening together. Shannon is less encouraged by climbing up on a horse. She’s just not much of an outdoorsy girl, but at least she gives it the old college try.

Just as Shannon is looking forward to heading back to the condo for a siesta, Vicki reveals that she and Brooks will be taking their leave, but Shannon and David will be enjoying lunch together, alone.

Lizzie’s Kitty

Lizzie and her sales rep, Trisha, head to a local boutique trying to convince the owner to carry Sun Kitten Swimwear. Lizzie’s father bankrolled her labor of love, and she feels a responsibility to make it viable. Lizzie has a lot to prove. She’s tired of people thinking that her love of design is just a hobby. Lizzie makes it clear that she’s been busting her butt, and aside from that investment money from daddy, she’s been going at it alone. Except for her husband, who I have no doubt has provided the occasional influx of capital when Sun Kitten has needed it. Lizzie comes off as the kind of woman who is pouting and stamping her foot when she says she’s building a business, and she’s a good designer. There is some definite insecurity going on there.

On the verge of tears, she’s distraught at the prospect of not getting her line into a store she believes that it should be in.

Viewers are privy to a fashion show, and the suits are cute but nothing spectacular. Lizzie knows her stuff, especially when you compare her to other wannabe designer Housewives. The meeting goes well, but either way, it’s been a good day for the fledgling designer. After all, she just got a ton of free advertising.

No Bueno

Shannon continues to contradict herself. Having said earlier that she and David had a fight but were able to move on, as they sit down to lunch, she’s disheartened by the incident. I can’t tell if it’s bad editing, she’s nuts or the crystals embedded in her teeth are giving her some kind of amnesia or dementia.

The two discuss their issues, and Shannon is aware that she’s been a drag lately. She also admits that she’s not feeling secure in their relationship. This is understandable given his very recent e-mail.

David feels like she’s been riding him about drinking too much and doesn’t feel she has the right to tell him what he can or cannot do. Apparently, Shannon hasn’t been happy with David’s newfound love of tequila and his resulting behavior after imbibing too much.

She says his drinking is just a symptom of the larger problem, which is that she doesn’t feel she knows him anymore, that he’s slipping away, that they live as roommates. Shannon wants more of his time, but David is content with what they have. Her demands make him want to withdraw.

Things go from bad to worse when, ¬†after David admits that all he wants to do is come home and feel loved, Shannon says she’s been feeling that way for 13 years. They both recognize that they aren’t happy. The D-word gets bandied about, but David claims that’s not what he wants. He does believe that his wife is an unhappy person in general, and he doesn’t have the ability to change that.

Neither is ready to give up yet, but both agree they have a lot of work to do.

Not Bringing Up Baby

The great baby experiment is finished and Astro has been sent to a new home. If Tamra was hoping to get Eddie more excited about the prospect of becoming a father, her plan backfired. Eddie says in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want a kid. Tamra’s dreams of starting a family are up in smoke, and she realizes that there’s nothing she can do about it.

It’s a Matter of Trust

After a trying afternoon, Shannon and David meet up with Brooks and Vicki for dinner. The conversation, dictated by Brooks, makes a strange segue into becoming a Tamra bashfest. Both David and Shannon can’t get past Tamra’s betrayal. She did spread the word about the couple’s imploding marriage, but that cat would have been out of the bag once the show began airing anyway.

Brooks and Vicki fill Shannon and David in on their own rocky history with Tamra. It turns out Brooks is none too happy that his lady love is still friends with Tamra. Vicki tells Shannon that she and Tamra will never enjoy the level of trust they once had since Tamra hasn’t had her back when it comes to Brooks.

Looks like there are two new blonde besties: Shannon and Vicki. Sorry, Tamra, you’re stuck hanging with the brunettes. Tamra may not be so anxious to confront Heather if she knew what thin ice she’s on with Shannon and the fact that Vicki’s opinion of her former bestie has sunk even lower after her blabbing about Shannon simply for sport.¬†

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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