The Big Brother 16 HGs had a very long night on Thursday. Following the end of the show, new HoHs Amber and Devin got their HoH suite and then had to make their nominations the same night. That was followed by various phrases coming over the loudspeakers in the house. The Battle of the Block competition was held in the wee hours of the morning.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

HoH Devin nominated Brittany and Paola. HoH Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole.

Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the Block.

That’s not much of a surprise given how strong they are and how weak Pow-Pow is. This is exactly what Devin wanted to happen, and he even asked Pow-Pow to throw the competition, threatening that if she didn’t, he and Caleb would be coming after her. It’s unclear if she actually did it.

Now Amber is dethroned, which is what she wanted. She’s gone around and told everyone that she didn’t even want to be HoH, she just wanted to see pictures of her family and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or send anyone home.

There’s still a lot of game left to play and it could split the Bomb Squad in half. Devin desperately wants to evict Brittany, but Zach wants to keep her and evict Pow-Pow. The battle lines are being drawn.

Basically, in the house, everyone recognizes that Devin is a bully and they don’t like him, but since he’s HoH, there’s a whole lot of sucking up going on. How I see it, Devin, Caleb and Amber are on one side and they’ve recruited Pow-Pow. Zach, Christine, Cody and Derrick are on the other, and they want to recruit Brittany, Jocasta and Donny.

Frankie is in the middle, playing all sides, and some of the other HGs are finally starting to notice. Victoria is pretty useless. Devin has said she’d be the replacement nominee if the PoV is used and Zach has mentioned many, many times how much he hates her. That leaves Hayden and Nicole in the middle too, but I think they are also a little fed up with Devin’s tactics.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Cody, Hayden and Donny were all awake, strategizing and aligning. The overall plan is to stay under the radar and not rock the boat until after the PoV ceremony, but once the nominees for the week are locked in, I think things will get explosive.

It’s always hard to tell who’s being genuine on the live feeds, but I get the sense that almost everyone hates Devin. Caleb, however, has already attached himself to that sinking ship, and Amber, even though she may not actually like Caleb, has also decided to hitch her wagons to those two strong men. But since Devin can’t play for HoH next week, odds are he’ll be a prime target.

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