Friday may have been the Fourth of July, but the early hours of Saturday are when the fireworks came to Big Brother 16. A little after 3am PT, things got really crazy in the house, and the alliance that’s been running things may have exploded.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

The bottom line is that there are now seven members of the Bomb Squad and Devin, the current HoH, is out. He’s also everyone’s target next week. It was an epic chain of events that led to a confrontation that’s been bubbling below the surface for a while.

Here’s a breakdown of how it went down:

-Devin spoke to Christine alone in the HoH room for a long time about getting rid of Brittany. Christine just went along with it, but she doesn’t really agree with him. Once she left, she mouthed “Kill me now” to the cameras and went outside.

-Christine joined most of the Bomb Squad on the hammock and everyone started bashing Devin. They were all in agreement that they don’t want Brittany to go and Devin is the only one who does. They feel like he’s bullying people into doing what he wants. Amber and Christine said they were scared of Devin and didn’t want to talk to him.

-When Devin came outside while Caleb and Derrick were playing pool, Caleb decided to confront Devin about it. He told him that the girls are scared of him and most of the house wants Paola gone over Brittany.

-Devin brought Christine over to ask if she’s really scared of him. She, of course, kind of avoided the question because…she’s scared of him!

-That’s when Caleb and Devin really went at it. Devin claimed that Caleb is “lovestruck” with Amber and it’s messing him up. That naturally caused Caleb to lose his mind even more.

-The fight ended with Devin shouting that their alliance is over, within earshot of non-Bomb Squad members.

-As Derrick and Caleb relayed this interaction to Zach outside, Frankie spoke to Devin and tried to calm him down. The story they’re going with is that “the alliance” Devin referred to was his partnership with Caleb, not the whole Bomb Squad. So, for now, the Bomb Squad is still a secret, but everyone is worried that Devin could expose it at any minute.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Devin’s implosion was a long-time coming, especially since he became HoH and his ego got out of control. While it has unified the house, even his allies like Caleb, in their desire to get rid of him, the biggest victim may be Pow-Pow.

After the Battle of the Block competition, Devin is HoH and Brittany and Pow-Pow are the nominees. Though Devin wants Brittany gone (so badly that he convinced Pow-Pow to throw the BotB), that’s most likely not happening. Everyone is on Brittany’s side. If the nominations stay the same after the Power of Veto competition, Pow-Pow will probably go home.

It will be more interesting to see what happens if one of the nominees comes off the block, which is very likely since most people would probably save Brittany now and Devin has promised Pow-Pow he’d save her if he won.

Devin has said he’d put up Victoria as a replacement nominee, but this fight could change that. Would Devin dare to put up someone else? He’s so unstable that anything is possible.

This entire fight should make for some excellent television on Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 16. Now we have to see how the rest of the Bomb Squad handles it, whether they stay a secret and whether Zach, Christine, Cody and Derrick use this as a chance to also cut Caleb and Amber loose.

It’s only week 2 of Big Brother 16, but the live feeds are thrilling.

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