The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County are back from the French Polynesia, and despite having an overall nice time, it looks like they’re bring their drama back to the OC. And although Vicki and Brooks may be over in real time, their relationship, and his cancer are still going strong in TV time. That is, until some of the ladies start to question if the latter is even real.

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Parenting Can Be Tough

In this episode, “A Psychic Surprise,” Shannon and David have a talk with the twins about their escapades in TPing. It’s not enough that Stella has a broken foot, but Shannon wants to discipline them by making them write a letter to the owner of the house they vandalized. While it sounds like they’re getting off pretty easy to me, the twins, especially Stella, can’t believe the way they’re being treated. “You don’t understand a 10-year-old life!” Stella shouts at David. Aww, aren’t they so precious at that age?

Meghan and Jim go out to lunch, where they discuss their own defiant teenager. Meghan expresses her concern about Hayley’s lack of discipline and lack of a plan as to what she’s going to do after high school (if she graduates). Jim tells Meghan, in his normal jerk-face manner, to take a step back and “not give her hopes up” when it comes to Hayley. Sounds like a good plan, buddy. I hope you’ll enjoy supporting her kid well into her 40s.

Tamra and Eddie talk about Ryan moving back to Orange County. Eddie doesn’t want Ryan working at the gym again, but he doesn’t mind Tamra helping them find a home.

Vicki hangs an ornament in her garden in memory of her mom. She tells Brooks that the trip to Tahiti was good for her in the sense that she needed to get away, but she’s glad to be back here with him now. She’s worried for him because he’s her rock and he hasn’t been responding well to the chemo that’s supposed to be treating his Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

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Cancer or No Cancer?

Tamra, Heather and Meghan meet Tamra’s psychic, Scott, over lunch. Scott’s seeing a lot of things for the ladies. He gets an assurance from Heather’s deceased grandmother and he tells Meghan that she needs to find herself before she’s ready to have any kids of her own. She also senses that Shannon is threatened by Meghan; that’s why she’s so hostile toward her.

But then Scott the Psychic drops a big bomb. When Tamra asks him about Vicki, he says that he’s not getting any reading on Brooks’ cancer. Tamra asks if that means he’s lying about having cancer; he says that’s a possibility. Heather can’t believe that anyone would lie about having cancer, but Meghan says that she’s seen one of her old co-workers do it for the attention and the disability. Scott says he still might have cancer and he doesn’t want to offend him if he really does; he just doesn’t see it.

Tamra doesn’t want what Scott the Psychic said to get back to Vicki. She knows it will only cause problems and she doesn’t want to be blamed for it.

The next day, all of the ladies come into CUT Fitness to take Tamra’s booty class as guinea pigs before she starts teaching it full-time at the gym. Everyone is surprised with how intense the class is (almost as surprised as I am at how ripped Heather is), but they’re all in high spirits after the class — even Shannon, who refused to run the warm-up because she pees when she runs after giving birth. TMI, Shannon.

After the class, Brooks and Eddie come in with cake and liquor to celebrate Brooks’ birthday. Shannon has her “judgy eyes” the whole time, watching Brooks drink alcohol and talk about how he’s going to stop doing chemo in favor of an anti-oxidant treatment. Tamra tells Vicki that she has to start going to Brooks’ doctor appointments. Vicki insists that Brooks keeps her updated when she can’t go and they have a binder with all of his records to keep track of things.

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When Brooks and Vicki leave, the ladies discuss how weird Brooks’ new cancer-fighting plan is. Shannon expresses her concern that he hasn’t contacted her doctor, who she pulled strings with to get an appointment for him.

Then Meghan tells Shannon about what Scott the Psychic said. They also talk about how Brooks was referring to his cancer in the past tense instead of the present test. Meghan questions the validity of his juice diet that cures cancer. Shannon is stunned by the turn the conversation has taken. She thinks that Meghan is out of line and it’s not their place to question something like that. Tamra and Heather agree that they should just take what Scott said and let it roll off their shoulders and not let it get back to Vicki.

But Vicki and Brooks are having dinner with Shannon and David for Brooks’ birthday, and Shannon is clearly uncomfortable from the get-go. She tries to get through dinner without bringing it up, but she just can’t help herself. She pulls Vicki aside in the bathroom and tells her that Meghan said something terrible about Brooks after they left the gym today. Vicki says she doesn’t want to hear anything bad about Brooks, so Shannon can just keep whatever she heard to herself.

When they get back at the table, Vicki is still visibly fuming. Shannon gets upset, saying that this is not what she wanted; she was just trying to be a good friend to her and Brooks. Brooks tries to calm Vicki down, telling her not to shoot the messenger, but Vicki’s finally reached her boiling point when it comes to people bad-mouthing her boyfriend — and shoot the messenger she does. She lays into Shannon for perpetuating the negativity that the other women have been spouting about Brooks from day one. In between a bunch of swears, she storms off, leaving Brooks no choice but to follow and poor, broken Shannon alone at the table with her scumbag husband.

Next time, tension between Vicki and Meghan about Cancergate comes to a head.

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