There have been eight PoV competitions so far on Big Brother 17, and seven of them were won by men. Did the male domination of PoVs continue after the double eviction with the ninth Power of Veto competition of the season?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Liz is the new HoH. She nominated Becky and John. Steve, Meg and Austin were picked to play.

Liz won the Power of Veto!

Twin #1 has all of the power. It was the Otev competition and now Liz can keep her nominations the same and not get any more blood on her hands.

Though Austin and the twins initially wanted Johnny Mac out, their target has switched to Becky. Once John explained that he was targeting Vanessa, it made the AusTwins feel much better about him since everything they’re doing this week is designed to make Vanessa the target for next week if anyone else wins HoH.

It should be a rather uneventful week with the nominations staying the same. Perhaps the target will continue to switch back and forth a few more times, but it seems like Becky’s days are numbered.

The only other thing will be to see how everyone feels about the AusTwins now. Not only are they a solid trio, but not Liz has won two HoHs, one PoV and one BoB all by herself since James tried to throw it. Will people wise up and realize that a competition beast in a showmance AND  a twinmance is the most dangerous player in the game?


-Liz now has four competition wins, tying her with Steve and Johnny Mac. James has five, Becky and Vanessa each have two, Austin and Meg only have one and Julia still has zero.

-Liz joins James and Steve as the only players this season to win all three types of comps: HoH, PoV and BoB.

-Liz has only played in nine comps (6 HoHs, 2 PoVs and 1 BoB), yet she has won four of them, giving her a 44 percent win ratio, way more than anyone else in the house.

-Liz is the 25th person to win HoH and PoV in the same week, a list that also includes James from this season. However, she is only the 11th woman to do it, and ironically, the first woman to win HoH and PoV in the same week was Adria, who was part of the original Twin Twist in season 5.

-Julia has still never played in a single PoV competition. Liz has only played in two while Austin has only played in three. Everyone else has played in at least five, with Johnny Mac playing in the most at seven out of nine.

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