During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra and Eddie appear on Good Day LA and get a lukewarm reception from Heather. Vicki finds out the sex of her next grandchild. Shannon’s personal life is a hot mess. And Tamra and Heather attempt to work out their differences.

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Fa la la la blah

The holidays may be over in the OC, but hard feelings linger. Heather and Vicki meet up for tea and discuss Tamra’s less than flattering behavior at Shannon’s Christmas party. Vicki believes that Tamra has established a pattern of f***ing up perfectly good friendships: Jeana, Vicki, Gretchen, Vicki, Alexis, Vicki and now Heather. Vicki even warned Heather that Fitness Barbie may one day turn on her. That time happened to be over eggnog and fruitcake. 

Vicki does own up that she’s been talking behind Heather’s back to Tamra and that her actions could have contributed to this latest blowout. It all goes back to Heather’s Fancy Pants’ attitude. Or, at least, perceived attitude. This confession shouldn’t come as a surprise to Heather since she’s felt like the odd woman out when it comes to Tamra and Vicki since the first episode.

It would be easy to say that if three people have a similar complaint, and your behavior is the common denominator, you might want to re-evaluate yourself. That’s pretty much what Heather told Alexis a few seasons ago. Then again, there’s a mob mentality with these girls, so it could all boil down to the power of suggestion. Heather believes that this is all on these women and their insecurities and has nothing to do with her behavior.

To Live and Die on Good Day LA

Even though Tamra and Heather haven’t spoken for weeks, she and Eddie are going to take advantage of the opportunity to promote their business on Good Day LA. Pretty ballsy given how Tamra initially looked that gift horse in the mouth.

Heather avoids Tamra like the plague before the show, and Tamra has the nerve to be peeved that her friend doesn’t dip her head in and give her a pep talk. Gonna be hard to exercise with her head up her butt.

Heather admits that if she and Tamra had not been at odds, she would have gladly given Fitness Barbie pointers on what would work and not work regarding their segment. But given the circumstances, she didn’t feel obligated to go out of her way.

Things go from bad to worse when Heather doesn’t meet Tamra’s high standards of social mores and etiquette. She complains that Heather was rude, making it impossible for her to get all her talking points out. Let’s get real, CUT Fitness is getting a ton of exposure thanks to the RHOC and Bravo. This podunk morning show isn’t about to make or break her business. If Tamra was so concerned about her little segment going well, she should have straightened things out with Heather beforehand.

Heather’s behavior could be chalked up to the co-host being rushed and flustered. Eddie urges his hot-headed wife to not jump to any conclusions before sitting down and talking with Heather.

Who’s Afraid of Shannon Beador?

At the Beador house, Shannon continues to break her husband’s balls and call it banter. When he tries to defend himself, she gets hurt. This poor guy really does appear to be henpecked in every sense of the word. Shannon is upset that David doesn’t spend more time with her. Take a hint: you act like a raging B every time you are together, or you have to be intoxicated to tolerate him. Why would he want to hang out?

Since Shannon feels “unloved,” she starts arguments about the temperature of David’s drinking water. Things are so bad, he goes to bed at the same time as their kids to escape.

The stress in her marriage causes Shannon to seek medical attention. Since she’s been having chest pains, she goes to an actual cardiologist as opposed to her energy healer. She reveals (to the audience, not the doctor) that David wrote her an e-mail stating he wants to move out. Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming. Even though she treats him with disdain, she claims to love him and that divorce is not an option. Now she’s scrambling to save a sinking ship.

A Bouncing Baby?

Vicki’s got her daughter and, in a rare appearance, her son together, under one roof on the same night. What’s the special occasion? Briana and Ryan are revealing the gender of their second child. They’ve put a bunch of helium balloons in a box and plan to open it up for a big reveal. While Vicki was hoping for a girl, the couple are expecting another boy.

Cut a Girl Some Slack

Tamra finally calls Heather, and the two get together to try and work things out. These things usually play out the same way. There’s talking, there’s supposed reconciliation, but nothing truly gets resolved.

Heather’s bummed that the two didn’t get to have a “friend moment” while Tamra was on set. Tamra agrees and lets Heather know she found her friend’s demeanor to be frosty. Heather admits that she expected an apologetic phone call from Tamra after Shannon’s party, a revelation that surprises Tamra.

Heather doesn’t understand why Tamra would go out of her way to make sure a room full of people knew she felt hurt by Heather and why. Heather may be hurt, but Tamra will not be outdone in that department.

The two rehash all the same stuff from last week. Tamra believes Heather played a key role in booking her competition and Heather denies it. She does freely admit that she wasn’t about to turn down a sweet gig to spare Tamra’s feelings.

Tamra gets all weepy and then brings up when Heather talked to Eddie about her desire to have a baby and why. Heather is genuinely apologetic for this faux pas,  but why it hasn’t been dealt with sooner is a prime example of why these ladies never really settle their disputes.

Like Shannon, Tamra’s going through some pretty heavy personal issues. She’s embroiled in a custody battle with ex-husband Simon, and it’s taking a toll on her. Heather is saddened by the fact that it has taken this long for them to have this moment.

Heather really extends an olive branch but does tell Tamra that she’s got to be willing to cut her a little slack. Tamra agrees and immediately starts trying to soften Heather’s attitude towards Shannon. She says she feels for Shannon because the woman reminds her of herself four years ago. Both agree Shannon is a sad soul.

Apparently, Shannon took Tamra into her confidence and told her about David’s e-mail. Tamra is convinced that if Heather fully understood Shannon’s dire circumstances, she might be a bit more empathetic and willing to mend fences, yet again. Heather doesn’t think that anything excuses bad behavior, especially screaming at one of your invited party guests.

Whatever Happened to Lizzie?

If you’ve noticed a lack of focus on Lizzie, it’s simply because there isn’t much to say. She’s got two kids and is debating a third. She’s judging beauty pageants because it provides her with a source of mental stimulation outside of the home. Lizzie’s also still designing her swimwear line. Can this buxom brunette have it all? So far, I could care less.

Shannon cries on Tamra’s shoulder, not ready to accept that her marriage could really be over. From the looks of what’s to come, things are going to get worse before they get better.

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