We’re looking forward to the next cycle of America’s Next Top Model, which is set to premiere on August 18 on The CW. Amazingly, Tyra Banks has kept this show running since 2003 – so we’ve had over a decade of makeover freak-outs, granola-bar thefts, and ridiculously amazing, yet pretty bizarre photoshoots.

With fourteen brand new contestants, and a few tweaks to the successful Top Model formula, there are bound to be more memorable moments to come.  Here are a few reason as to why we can’t wait for Cycle 21 to start. 

This’ll Be the Second Season that Mixes Men and Women

During the last cycle, Tyra and her team realized that it didn’t necessarily have to be a girl who won the title of America’s Next Top Model, and decided to cast a few eligible men to join the house. Sure, a few love connections emerged (who can forget about the awkward Marvin and Renee relationship? I mean, it even earned them the awkward nicknames of “Marnee”) but in general, the mix between men and women really added a dynamic to the house that we’ve never seen before. In fact, after a few lackluster cycles, the decision to mix guys and girls brought new life to the show.

J. Alexander Will Be Back as Host!

It was almost heartbreaking when fans learned that Miss J and Mr. Jay – staples of the ANTM brand – were let go from the show. Thankfully, the show realized that they made a huge mistake, and will be bringing our favorite fashion runway diva back to the judges panel. It might be a bit mean-spirited when he mocks the ill-fated walks of contestants who haven’t strutted down a runway before, but you have to admit – it’s entertaining, as well as pretty informative to those watching at home. Fingers crossed that Mr. Jay will also decide to show his well-groomed face. 

The Models Will Be Heading to South Korea

One of the best parts of the season (besides seeing who’ll be getting the painful and cheap weave) is when the final few contestants get to travel outside of the states, and experience the world of fashion from a new perspective. This year, it’s been confirmed that our models will be heading to Seoul, South Korea. Residents were quick to identify Tyra while filming, and news of the location spread pretty quickly. In fact, local cable channels in South Korea have been airing America’s Next Top Model alongside its Korean version, Korea’s Next Top Model

Chantelle Young Will Be a Fierce Competitor


Chantelle Young is absolutely stunning, but having her as a contestant on CW’s America’s Next Top Model is a huge win for others who suffer from Vitiligo, as she’s the first model to compete with the skin condition.

America’s Next Top Model isn’t shy about featuring women (and now – men) with different personal obstacles to face. After all, CariDee English, who won the show in 2006, had an issue with psoriasis that she overcame. Prior to appearing on the show, CariDee only felt comfortable being behind the camera, as a photographer – and the competition helped boost her confidence, as well as spread the message about psoriasis. 

Chantelle noticed her skin condition when she was around 3-years-old, but embraced it, and made sure not to succumb to bullies who were confused over her skin color. If she won this cycle, she’d further prove that beauty doesn’t have only one definition. 

No More BryanBoy

We might respect BryanBoy for his fashion blogging, but honestly – he was kind of wasted on the show. Last season, he told contestants about their social networking scores, and didn’t bring too much to the table. Especially since long-term fans had been introduced to more dynamic and helpful judges prior to. Yes, I’m talking about Janice Dickinson

Rumor Has it that Allison Harvard Might Show Up for an Episode

Allison Harvard served as runner-up twice on the show, but has such a strong fan-base regardless of never getting the title. Originally appearing on Cycle 12, and returning to compete during the All-Stars edition, Allison posted on twitter that she “had so much fun guesting” on the show back in April. For those who haven’t watched her cycles, Allison is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with. Not too many can say they’ve been a meme on 4chan and still appear to be down to earth, and humble. Of course, she’s also an extremely talented model. 

Lenox Looks Like a Real Contender


Out of all the models, she’s one of the few that truly stands out. Personally, it looks like she could easily beat me up, yet I want to be her at the same time. Even though photoshoots haven’t been as secretive as they used to have been – especially since online voting is a big component as to why stays and who goes home – it’s good to see a few of the shoots ahead of time, to help identify with the cast a bit better. I’m excited to see what Lenox will bring to the competition. 

This Might Be the First Cycle that Crowns a Male Winner


Despite introducing the guys last year, the title still went to Jourdan Miller, who didn’t seem to be too well-liked by her fellow castmates, but still churned out a decent photo. Prior to the finale, many fans thought it’d be obvious that Tyra would crown a male winner, especially based on the emphasis of having male models last cycle – yet, that wasn’t the case. This season, the crew might be more focused on finding a guy that’ll reign supreme, proving that male and female models can both conquer the world of reality modeling.

 America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 premieres Monday, August 18 at 9pm on The CW. 

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