I guess we’ll never know if anyone wants to marry “Harry” — at least not on TV.

FOX has cancelled I Wanna Marry “Harry”, which had 12 ladies competing for the heart of who they thought was Prince Harry, but was actually just a regular guy named Matthew Hicks. (How they fell for this, I have no idea.) The plan was to have Hicks reveal his true identity at the very end, once there was only one woman left.

Only four episodes have aired, and the most recent one pulled in only a 0.4 in the 18-49 demographic, and with only 990,000 viewers tuning in.

But if you still want to find out how this all plays out and if the woman “Prince Harry” chooses decides to stay with him after the reveal, FOX will air the remaining episodes beginning this Friday on FOX.com, FOX On Demand, FOX NOW and Hulu. And if the network decides to air the rest of the season at some point, they will make that announcement at a later date.

But I Wanna Marry Harrry isn’t the only show FOX is cancelling. Harry‘s lead-in, Riot, is over as well. This unscripted series was similar in nature to Whose Line is it Anyway?, taking comedians and having them do improv on the spot. It was originally an Australian series, and developed for the US by Steve Carell.

Like with Harry, Riot wasn’t doing any better in the ratings either. It also had a 0.4 in the demo. At least the total viewership for the most recent episode was higher at 1.2 million, but that’s still nothing to brag about. As of right now, it doesn’t looks like FOX has any plans to air the remaining episodes, though.

This means FOX’s entire Tuesday night lineup has been wiped out with one announcement. The network will instead air repeats of Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl and The Mindy Project beginning June 17.

(Image courtesy of FOX)

Jeff Dodge

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