Things have gone from bad to worse on The Real Housewives of Orange County. After a (mostly) positive trip to Tahiti, the women seemed to be getting along. That is, until Tamra’s psychic intimated that Brooks was faking his cancer. This led to speculation among the group, and now Vicki’s directing most of her ire at Meghan. Not that it’s completely unwarranted…

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Last time we saw the ladies, Vicki was pointing at Meghan and telling her to shut up. Then Meghan came back with a mature response, calling her a bitter old woman who is pissed off with the world. In this episode, “Sex, Lies and Leeches,” the two continue to squabble here at Heather’s lunch in her unfinished home. Vicki screams at Meghan, asking her if she thinks Brooks wants to die.

Finally, Vicki just tells Meghan to stop talking about it because she doesn’t think Meghan is really concerned for Brooks. She says his health is none of her business and she’s not coming from a good place.

She excuses herself from the table, and Shannon and Tamra follow. Vicki is crying and wondering how dare Meghan even say such a thing (once again, ignoring the fact that the original person to have brought this up was Tamra’s psychic). Vicki is being so dramatic that even Tamra and Heather say her reaction is over-the-top. But Tamra thinks the best plan now is to just drop it and be there for her friend, no matter what’s really going on.

Heather tries to comfort Meghan, who is also emotionally shaken by the exchange. She understands that Meghan is going through a lot with Jim’s first wife, Leanne, who is dying of cancer, but she needs to let the thing with Brooks go. Lizzie tells Meghan that Vicki can be tough, but Meghan should try not to push her buttons so much.

Vicki leaves the lunch, but the tense atmosphere is still lingering. Tamra tries to break up the silence by telling them all about her Sex Party she’s having to celebrate her CUT Fitness sex tape. This may be the most Real Housewives-y party to ever exist. What a joke. But, hey, it gives them all an excuse to act naughty, so that will be entertaining enough, I guess.

Bad Energy

Vicki takes her son, Michael, out to dinner. All she can talk about is how the girls are picking on her and how she needs her mom. Michael, who has never been the picture of tact, reminds her that her mom lived to be 83 while some people lose their parents at much younger ages. But that line of thinking doesn’t fit into Vicki’s “poor me” narrative, so she doesn’t acknowledge it.

Shannon goes to see Dr. Moon, her energy specialist. He tells her that she has physically manifested a lot of her resentment and that she needs to do a better job releasing her anger into the world.

And it’s no wonder Shannon is resentful. Her husband is literally a cretin. He tells her he’s sorry that her expectations for her birthday weren’t met. She says she feels a lot of pressure from David to forget about the affair, but she feels entitled to take the time she needs to get over it. She also seems to think that she’s really accomplished something by not leaving him, when the only thing she’s accomplished is making herself, her husband and her kids miserable.

Sexy Party

Eddie and Tamra really went all out with their sex party. There’s a sex swing and a photo booth, and you can see practically all of Tamra’s butt. Heather arrives dragging Terry by a dog leash. And Shannon surprises everyone by actually managing to look pretty sexy in a purple wig.

Tamra warns Meghan that she doesn’t want any drama between her and Vicki. Meghan says this is a fun night and she doesn’t want to discuss cancer in any fashion. She does have a few snide remarks for Vicki in her confessional when Vicki shows up wearing a prude white dress. She says that Vicki is giving a big “eff you” to the party theme. How dare she.

In one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen on The Real Housewives, Heather needs to borrow a spare outfit from Tamra after her stomach starts bleeding. Apparently, she’d been using leeches as part of her skin glowing regiment and now she’s bleeding through her skirt. So. Gross.

Tamra tells Terry and Vicki about her plan to be baptized, which seems to be news to Eddie. He had no idea she was interested in religion, but he supports her in whatever she wants to do. Tamra also admits that calling Alexis “Jesus Jugs” in the past may not have been very nice, although she thoroughly maintains that it was funny.

Everything is going well at the party until Tamra tells Vicki and Meghan to hug. Vicki, being the mature adult she is, tells her she doesn’t want to hug Meghan because she’s “not nice.” Meghan isn’t one to back down from a fight, so she tells her that that wasn’t very nice either. Vicki tells her that she’ll “accept her apology,” even though Meghan hasn’t offered one, which is pretty infuriating.

Vicki tells Meghan to “put her eyes down” because she looks “evil.” Meghan calls Jim over so she’s not just being ganged-up on by Shannon and Vicki. Vicki starts talking¬†only¬†to Jim about Meghan, who is still standing right there. It’s so condescending and rude, but I guess that’s Vicki’s thing. She tells Jim that his wife is classless and that she feels sorry for him because he’s married to her.

Jim tries to shut down the fact that Meghan was the one spreading the rumor. He says they all heard it from a psychic, and Meghan only said anything because she was concerned. As he’s walking away, Vicki says to his back, “Talk to me in five years when you’re divorced again.” Judging by Jim’s non-reaction, I suppose it’s possible he didn’t hear that. Because even though he can be a big jerk, I don’t think he would have taken too lightly to that statement.

So Jim did his part in standing up for his wife (kind of), but he’s peeved at his wife for putting him in that situation. Meghan gets upset that he’s upset, so they leave.

In the limo on the way home, Jim tries to tell Meghan to let what Vicki says roll off her back. He says he’s not offended by what she says because he doesn’t care about what she says. He does tell Meghan that it’s time to let the whole thing with Brooks go. But Meghan still thinks that Vicki’s up to something, even calling her a con-artist.

Back at the party, Vicki continues to disparage Meghan in any way she can. She says that Jim told Brooks that their marriage has already been challenging despite the fact that they’ve only been married four months. She calls Meghan a bitch and promises to “take her down.”

Next time, Vicki continues her ongoing feud with Brianna about (you guessed it) Brooks.

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