It’s been a great season of The Real Housewives of New York City, but between a bunch of lighthearted and fun moments, the ‘wives found plenty of time for drama. And they’re sure to dig deep into their issues in the first of the three-part reunion. Here we go!

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Bringing Back Bethenny

First things first, host Andy Cohen checks in with the ladies. Carole’s book deadline has been pushed back. Dorinda found out that Hillary Clinton is a fan of hers. Sonja’s lawsuit settlement is paid off. And most important, Heather is retiring “Holla.” For that, we can all be thankful.

We spend a lot of time with Bethenny in the next segment. She laughs at herself while watching her clip package and says that she understands how she can come across as aggressive and abrasive. She says that now was the right time to come back on the show, even though she’s still going through divorce proceedings that have now outlasted the marriage itself. She says it’s been the most difficult thing she’s dealt with in her life and it’s been “emotional torture.”

Even though it’s been a hard time in her life, she hasn’t regretted coming back to the show. When Andy asks if the more veteran cast members were excited about her return, LuAnn, Ramona and Sonja say yes. But Heather isn’t going to let that fly. She says that when they heard she was coming back, LuAnn toasted to “taking Bethenny down” when they were out to lunch. This is something that LuAnn, of course, denies. Bethenny is a little surprised but not taken off guard. She says she had no issues with LuAnn when they started and she has no issues with her now.

Heather and Bethenny get into it a bit when they start talking about how Heather was “all up in Bethenny’s jock” for the first part of the season. Bethenny suggests that Heather learn some social cues about how to read when people aren’t comfortable with her constant badgering.

Dorinda says she wasn’t put-off by Bethenny early in the season because she was still getting to know her. Kristen says she wasn’t upset about not being invited to her birthday party; she just felt a little left out since all her friends were hanging out without her. Bethenny accuses Heather of being the one who stirred the pot, not Kristen. Heather denies being a pot stirrer, but instead she says that she “deals in information and information is power.” Okay, Heather, you’re a true champion of justice.

Sonja’s Self-Destruction

Next, they tackle the trip to Atlantic City, where things started off rocky when Sonja left the others to wait for an hour and a half in her fourier and had an intern tell them they weren’t invited in. Heather says that that was the moment when she thought their friendship ended. She says there isn’t a person in this room whom she would not invite into her home. LuAnn agrees that it was rude of her to make her friends wait. Sonja had a bunch of garbage excuses, but Heather is hearing none of them. She calls her a bitch and disgusting and she’s done with her.

Of course, talking about Atlantic City then leads to talking about Sonja’s possible path to self-destruction. The ladies express their concern with Sonja’s drinking, but she’s even less inclined to listen to them now than she was during the season. She says every one of them likes to party and at least two of the other women there abuse alcohol. Bethenny says it’s not any of them; it’s about Sonja denying responsibility for her actions. And it’s clear that Sonja isn’t going to be convinced that her drinking is actually a problem.

Carole also thinks that it was insensitive of Sonja to invoke John Kennedy. She thinks since he’s her family and he’s passed, she shouldn’t just drop his name in reference to partying. Carole says that wasn’t what John was about. But Sonja insists that they were friends and she likes to remember the old days. Carole thinks it’s insensitive and asks her to stop. Bethenny asks Sonja if she actually believes her own BS and Sonja responds with a quick yes. Of course, she does.

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Older Ladies Seeking Younger Men

LuAnn thinks it’s rich of Carole to say that family is off limits, considering her relationship with the man who previously dated her niece. Heather says that was a low blow and not the same at all. LuAnn tells Heather to back down because she’s not Carole’s guard dog.

Carole confirms that she and Adam are still dating, and it’s fun and uncomplicated, unlike what some of the ladies would like to believe. LuAnn insists that she’s mad about it because her niece was still dating Adam at the time they met, which Carole says is completely untrue.

When that argument gets LuAnn nowhere, she says she also thinks it’s weird that Carole’s dating someone so much younger. Carole asks who is she to judge, considering she sleeps with younger men all the time. LuAnn says there’s a difference between sleeping with a young man and dating him, although she doesn’t clarify what exactly makes them different and why one is a better life choice than the other.

Carole expresses her disappointment because she really thought she and LuAnn were friends, but she just can’t understand what her problem is. LuAnn says that ladies shouldn’t go to their girlfriends’ houses and pick up the help. Carole doesn’t appreciate LuAnn’s “Countess” high and mighty attitude, especially when it’s so hypocritical. Carole says that LuAnn slept with a 21-year-old on vacation. LuAnn insists that she doesn’t sleep with men that young, but no one in that room seems to buy that.

Coming up in Part 2: Ramona digs into what really happened with Mario, and LuAnn and Heather go head-to-head.

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