Liz is the HoH on Big Brother 17 and she has two potential targets on the block, Becky and Johnny Mac. Was the Power of Veto used to change things up, or are the Trainiac and Dr. Drill still facing eviction?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Liz won the Power of Veto.

She did NOT use it.

So Becky or Johnny Mac will be evicted, and as of now all signs point to Becky. John obviously has Steve as well as Austin and the twins (though they’ve flip-flopped a few times this week on that). Vanessa may have problems with John, but Becky is her arch-nemesis. Odds are good that a third woman will be headed to the jury house, evening out the genders with four guys and four girls.

After the ceremony, Austin’s Angels sealed Becky’s fate because apparently her speech was hostile and implied she’s coming after Liz next week while Johnny Mac’s speech was “perfection.”

It’s been a rather uneventful couple of days in the Big Brother 17 house with lots of games, crafts and prank wars, but very little strategizing. At this point, everyone is just on the same page about targeting Vanessa next week.

Austin is telling Johnny Mac that he’ll throw the HoH to him so he can nominate James and Meg to backdoor Vanessa while Meg and James want to take out Steve and Johnny Mac before going after Austin and the twins, which is just embarrassing because it basically guarantees Final 3 to the AusTwins.


-Becky and John join Shelli, Jackie and Meg on the list of HGs who’ve had to face two eviction votes this season. James and Vanessa have each faced one while Austin, Steve and the twins have never been eligible for eviction.

-This Thursday, Austin will cast his ninth consecutive eviction vote. Only four other HGs have ever voted nine times in a row: season 3’s Danielle Reyes, season 11’s Kevin Campbell, season 15’s McCrae Olson and season 16’s Victoria Rafaeli. McCrae and Victoria both have the record at 10 consecutive votes.

-Austin is now officially the 10th HG ever to survive the first nine evictions without ever being nominated. And he’s guaranteed to make it to Day 65 without ever going on the block, something only six other players have ever done.

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