Things were just starting to get heated at Dorinda’s bra fitting party on the last episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Ironically enough, the heat had nothing to do with sexy underwear, and everything to do with Dorinda getting ambushed by Bethenny and Ramona about her troll boyfriend. And judging by the fact that said troll John is about to pop in on the party, I doubt things are going to cool off any time soon.

Bra Party Drama

At Dorinda’s bra party, she laments to Jules how betrayed she feels by Ramona. They’ve been friends for 20 years and it’s not just about a show, their friendship is real. Jules is shocked by such immature behavior from “elderly” women.

Bethenny encourages Ramona to apologize for bringing up her issues in such a public setting. Again, Ramona worries about her delivery. And she’s right to. She tells Dorinda that she’s sorry, but in such an unemotional way, Bethenny describes her as a wooden soldier and Dorinda calls it a drive-by apology.

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Then Ramona, Carole and the rest of the extras leave. It’s just Bethenny, Dorinda and Jules. Dorinda and Bethenny finally seem to be coming to an understanding when in walks John, high as a kite.

He starts getting in Bethenny’s face about her business and about how she’s jealous of Dorinda because she doesn’t have a man. He’s basically proving everything all of the women have been saying about him.

Of course, Dorinda is horrified. She can’t believe this night has escalated into such a disaster. Bethenny is not intimidated in the least by John and she holds her own against him as he continues to make a fool of himself, and by default, a fool of Dorinda.

Finally, Jules gets him to leave. In her confessional, Bethenny says that she actually feels vindicated because John has proven exactly who he is and there’s no hiding it anymore. She tells Dorinda that that’s her man and she has a lot of stuff to work through. She says that she’s in a relationship that’s troubling to her and the people around her. At the end of it, Dorinda doesn’t want to be around John and she doesn’t want to be around any of the other women either. She just wants to go home and cry. Poor Dorinda needs to DTMFA.

The Fallout

The next day, Bethenny calls Carole to tell her about what happened. She doesn’t go into details over the phone, but Carole knows that it must be bad because she saw John coming into the hotel as she was leaving.

She also checks in on where Carole is at about staying at her place in the Hamptons even though LuAnn’s going to be there. Carole wants to go and have fun, but she says LuAnn hasn’t made any steps to make things right between them in the last eight months and the thought of having to deal with her again, in any capacity, is bumming her out. That said, she’s still going to go to Bethenny’s and try to have a good time.

Later on, Ramona meets Bethenny at Skinny Girl headquarters where Bethenny is sampling chocolates and complaining about her everlasting divorce. Ramona is upset because she knows she’s really stepped in it this time with Dorinda. They’ve been texting and it’s clear that Dorinda is terribly hurt and shaken. Ramona wishes she could take it back, and she didn’t mean to hurt Dorinda. She regrets the time and place she shared the info with Dorinda, but not what she said or how she feels about John.

Bethenny says that Dorinda is defensive because she knows what they’re saying about John is true. Ramona thinks that Dorinda was lonely after her husband died and John was there to take advantage of her pain.

They try to call Jules to talk about what happened, but being the new girl, Jules doesn’t want to get involved. Especially, because Dorinda is the friend that brought her into this group. She says Dorinda loves John and her relationship is none of her business. But Bethenny says that Jules should have a problem, as a woman, with the way that John acted that night.

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Take it to The Hamptons

Dorinda and John head to the Hamptons for Bethenny’s birthday party. Only they’re not staying with Ramona as planned. Instead, they’ll be staying with Jules and Michael. Dorinda has mixed feelings about going because she’s still angry with everyone, but she promised Bethenny that she would go. And of course, John feels like he’s won and has some nasty things to say about both Ramona and Bethenny.

They arrive at Jules’s house (which is huge, under construction and has an indoor swimming pool, because, of course). Dorinda tells them how hurt she still is by Ramona because that was her friend and she felt humiliated by her. She says their friendship is like a cracked mirror now. She’ll look at the mirror, she’ll use the mirror, but it’s forever damaged. Now that’s depressing.

Dorinda goes off to meet Ramona and Bethenny at a restaurant to talk things over. Right away, Ramona offers a more sincere apology. She tells Dorinda that she doesn’t regret trying to warn her friend about her skeezy boyfriend, but she absolutely regrets the time and place.

Bethenny tells Dorinda that she owes Bethenny an apology for the way John spoke to her. At first, Dorinda is defensive, but she can’t deny that how he acted was rude and boorish, so she relents and apologizes.

Dorinda goes on to say that she’s angry with John and how everything just escalated. But, they don’t get to be part of her relationship and therefore they don’t have a say in it. She’s not willing to take any more negativity from either of them. She says she loves him and that’s that.

Bethenny tells Dorinda that she just wants her to do what’s right for herself and not accept anything less than what she deserves. And Ramona apologizes for messing up, but she swears up and down that she loves Dorinda and her heart is in the right place. Dorinda says that things right now are better with her and Ramona, but all’s not well. And as for Bethenny, she knows that she’s just trying to help.

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