The Top 12 of The Voice took the stage for the first time in season 10. While some artists made the most of their biggest spotlight yet, not everyone was successful. Emily Keener took a big step forward in the Top 12 after being one of the more forgettable artists. Paxton Ingram, on the other hand, did little to justify his coach’s decision to save him in the Live Playoffs. Only one artist is going to home and the Top 12 will be reduced to a Top 11.

Remember, this a live blog, so stay on this page and refresh every 15 minutes or so to get the latest updates on who is staying, who is in danger and who is going home.

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The First Saves of the Night Are…

After an admittedly cool performance by former coach Gwen Stefani — even if her outfit is clear cultural appropriation — we jump right into results. Well, there are results and the torture that is having to suffer through Carson Daly “interacting” with the contestants. By interacting, I of course mean that Carson stares blankly at the camera and tries desperately to hide the fact that his eyes are moving back and forth as he reads cue cards. Why does The Voice continue to keep these terrible question and answer sessions with Carson?

The first saves of the night are Adam Wakefield from Team Blake and Alisan Porter from Team Christina. No surprises with either of them. At least we are getting the obvious saves out of the way and up front.

More Questions and More Saves 

Now Carson turns his reign of terror onto the coaches. Not only does he tell Christina that she looks lovely, which is a bold-faced lie (I’m convinced that Christina doesn’t know that it is possible to cover up your cleavage on live TV), but he forces Pharrell to gives a canned response to a stupid question about the artists’ careers that does nothing to really help the people on the show or any aspiring singers watching.

Anyway, more saves. Next up for safety are Bryan Bautista from Team Christina and … Daniel Passino from Team Pharrell?! Wow, did not see that last one coming at all. I didn’t think Daniel would go home, but I thought he was a lock for being put into the Instant Save situation. My new guess is that Mary Sarah will be joining Paxton Ingram at the bottom because we all know he will be there … maybe.

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Team Blake Performs Together

Am I the only one who thinks it is hilarious that Adam is the only artist that starts off front and center with Blake? Mary and Paxton look like back-up singers here, which they might very well be at the end of this competition. At least no one can argue that Team Blake doesn’t know who butters their metaphorical bread. Adam Wakefield is the star of this team, besides (I guess) Blake himself. It is a very fun performance, though, despite the favoritism towards Adam.

The Top 11 Gets Bigger

The contestants get trotted out again like talented and attractive pigs for slaughter. The next saves are Shalyah Fearing and Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam. The big shocker, though, is Paxton Ingram from Team Blake. Okay, I officially don’t know what is happening with this season anymore. Shalyah and Laith totally deserve their saves, but Paxton is a huge surprise and feels like a mistake. 

We are living in an America where Donald Trump is some people’s number one pick for President. In that way, I suppose there are worse things that people can do with their voting power. I’d vote for Paxton for President before I’d vote for Trump, to be quite honest.

Team Adam Takes the Stage

I actually really like this performance, mostly because there is an even distribution of talent. The song choice is not fantastic, to put it mildly. The giant elephant in the room, though, is Owen. Owen looks like he is either currently weeping or spent the commercial break before this performance bawling his eyes out. It has got to suck to be the only member of this team that doesn’t know if they are going. I will forgive — okay, I will consider forgiving — everything mean I have said about Carson if he saves Owen next.

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The Bottom 2 are Revealed

The last six artists are brought out. Hannah Huston, Nick Hagelin (again, wow) and Mary Sarah are saved. This is crap. Emily Keener and Owen Danoff are in the bottom and have to compete for the Instant Save. Of course, Carson had to ruin this season for us all. (I’m holding him personally responsible. Don’t act surprised. This rivalry is as deep as it is one-sided.)

Emily Keener vs. Owen Danoff

This face-off makes absolutely no sense to me. Emily Keener does every bit as good a job with her Instant Save song as she did with “Lilac Wine.” Emily hasn’t been my favorite in the competition, but she was getting so good. It’s cruel to cut her off now.

Owen is just as strong in his possible final performance, though. He has gotten better and better each week and I love his Blind Audition. Owen’s Blind Audition is one of three songs from this season I have bought on iTunes. It is ridiculous that we are in this situation, but I hope it is Owen. He’s my favorite for a reason.

Really, though, I wish that both of these two would just punch Carson in his stupid mouth as he stutters about when the Instant Save period will begin. Can we vote Carson off the show instead? Where is my Twitter hashtag to make that happen? Is there at least a hashtag petition to make his screaming less bone-chilling and terrifying?

America Instantly Saves…

After much stalling by Carson and the coaches basically saying that this Bottom 2 makes no sense, we get the results. Owen Danoff is saved and stays on in the competition. Emily Keener is gone. I suppose this is the best of a bad situation. There are at least five other people who should have been in this position before Emily or Owen. 

The Voice season 10 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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