This long season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has finally come to an end and now the ladies have nowhere left to hide. You know Mr. Andy Cohen is never shy about getting to the bottom of things, so let’s see what these catty drama queens have to say for themselves after spending a whole season talking trash about one another. Here’s a recap of part one of the reunion in quotes.

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“Erika Jayne, who lived in the clubs in a very specific audience, is now in people’s living rooms.” — Erika

Erika tells Andy that before, her alter-ego just existed in clubs around her most devoted gay fans. Now, because of the show, women her age (and of all ages) are coming up to her and saying “pat the puss.” And what does she say to her haters? She’s not done living her life and she loves what she does, so she doesn’t care what they think.

“The fridge is still tweeting.” — Yolanda

Yolanda is going through some tough times; after the show ended, she sold her house entirely furnished (including the famous refrigerator) and moved herself, her clothes and her personal effects into a new condo without her husband. Speaking of which…

“I haven’t been the wife or mother I used to be. I changed; David didn’t change. He’s a great man and he supported me for years and he deserves credit for it.” — Yolanda

Their marriage may be over, but that doesn’t mean Yolanda is talking any smack about her ex-husband, David Foster. She says things have been difficult for her, being ill, but it was hard on him too. According to her, all of the criticism David’s gotten is unjust. She’s unwilling to go into details about exactly why her marriage fell apart, even with Lisa Vanderpump’s needling.

“We’d all loved him and didn’t understand. We always felt you were solid.” — Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump tries to justify her pestering of Yolanda by insisting that they all just care about her so much. I’m sure if she really cared, she’d ask her about things she wants to be private about off camera. Yolanda maintains that it’s not that shocking; people get divorced all the time and you never know what’s going on in someone else’s relationship.

“Maybe it’s depression; maybe it’s menopause.” – Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa’s found the answer to Yolanda’s chronic illness! It’s menopause! Because everyone goes through debilitating changes and depletion in quality of life when they go through “the change,” right? Wrong. But it wasn’t something Yolanda hadn’t thought of. She says it’s her full-time job to figure out what’s wrong with her, and believe it or not, those are two things that both she and her doctors considered (and eventually ruled out).

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“She’s an amazing mom, an amazing friend, an amazing aunt to my kids, and it’s hard to see how people can be so misunderstood.” — Kyle

This is Kyle coming to the defense of her BFF/Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick. She doesn’t like how Kathryn tried to villainize her and she doesn’t like that Faye’s still being judged for something that happened so long ago.

“It wasn’t chickening out; it was me taking the higher road.” — Kathryn

Kathryn says that she didn’t blow her confrontation with Faye when she kind of just let things drop. Although she claims she took the “high road” and didn’t just get shut down by Faye, she wants Kyle, and viewers, to understand that what Faye wrote in her book dragged her and her husband into the mess that was the OJ trial. She says she never asked for the negative attention like Faye did, and it affected her marriage and her friendships and she’s still not over it.

“You didn’t stop it either.” — Yolanda

Yolanda calls out Kyle after not sticking up for her when the two Lisas were plotting to take her down. Kyle tries to wash her hands of the conversation but — uh-uh — Yolanda is not letting her get away with that.

“I am cautious.” — Yolanda
“I don’t blame her that she doesn’t trust me.” — Lisa Rinna

This is pretty self-explanatory. Yolanda doesn’t think she can trust any of the goobers on the couch (with the exception of Erika and Eileen) because all they’ve done is talk trash about her and hurt her. In all fairness, Lisa Rinna knows she’s done wrong and she wouldn’t trust her either if the roles were reversed.”

“‘There goes our f***ing storyline.'” — Lisa Rinna quoting Lisa Vanderpump

Rinna says that on the night of her birthday, after Yolanda dared to show up without makeup on, Vanderpump had a lot of nasty things to say about her. Rinna says that’s when Harry stood up and said that wasn’t right; Yolanda was sick and they needed to support her. That’s when Vanderpump said the aforementioned quote.

And to make things worse, she called Rinna later to encourage her to bring up the Munchausen’s theory. Don’t believe her? Well, she brought phone records to prove that Vanderpump called her to plan her sinister plot.

Who does Yolanda believe? We’ll find out next time during part two of the season 6 reunion.

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