Big Brother 17 is finally getting around to Kathy Griffin’s BB Takeover as a phone booth appeared inside the house on Monday evening. But will it have any effect on the game?.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.
Da’Vonne and Meg are on the block with Da’Vonne as the obvious target, but Da’Vonne and Jason are trying to figure out if they can keep her because they’ve figured out that Twin Twist, that Liz is switching places in the house with her twin sister.

Apparently all of the calls happened while the live feeds were off, with Kathy Griffin insulting the HGs one at a time. But the seventh call got the Last Laugh. They were also told exactly what the Last Laugh does, giving someone the power to prevent three HGs from voting.

However, no one seems to care about it. When the feeds returned, Steve and Vanessa talked about the twist and how it won’t matter at all. Everyone knows the house will vote out Da’Vonne and three votes won’t change anything. Vanessa even said the twist is a dud and called it “Boring TV.”

According to Shelli, Da’Vonne got the seventh call, so presumably she won the Last Laugh. It’s hard not to think that this was rigged for maximum potential, but I doubt it will matter. Da’Vonne would need to swing four more votes besides Jason to her side, and I don’t suspect anyone will be willing to flip against the HoH like that. Sure, knowing about the Twin Twist could help, but it seems like a longshot.

UPDATE: At 2am, Da’Vonne and Jason talked about trying to get the five votes she needs, confirming that she has the Last Laugh. She plans on trying to get Jason, Johnny Mac, Steve, Vanessa and Liz to vote to keep her. But based on other conversations those five have had, it’s unlikely. Johnny Mac and Steve are going to just obey whatever the HoH says and Vanessa is getting tight with Shelli and now has a two-person alliance with Steve.

Da’Vonne campaigned to Johnny Mac and he said he’d vote for her, but then he ran upstairs to tell Clay, Shelli and Jeff all about it. He’s definitely playing an Andy Herren-style game, working as a rat.

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