Last time on The Amazing Race, teams braved challenges in Morocco that ranged from milking a goat and making goat cheese by hand to zip lining over the canyons of the Atlas Mountains. Oh, you know, just an average day for most of us, right?

Misti and Jim finished first, allowing Jim’s ego to once again swell to epic proportions. Mother and daughter duo Shelley and Nici Porter, who were well-known for both their spats and constantly getting lost, were the last to arrive at the mat, and were eliminated from The Amazing Race. So who will take the lead in this leg of the race? Let’s find out!

Welcome to Sicily

“Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist” begins in Morocco with the remaining six teams. Misti and Jim, the married dentists with the sparkling white smiles, won the previous leg, and get the first clue. Where are the teams headed next? The racers are headed to Palermo, Sicily. When their flight lands, teams need to find Teatro Di Verdura. There will be a bit of a wait at the airport for the first flight, and watching the teams interact is so entertaining.

Kym and Alli are not fans of the dentists, since they view them as their biggest competition, and also think that “Jim is a little nasty.” When the reach the airport, they write “Team No Fun” on the back window of Jim and Misti’s car. Hilarious! Apparently, Jim and Misti feel the same way about the cyclists, and don’t “love them like they love the other teams.” Wait – they love some of the other teams?

Dancing All Night

The first flight carrying Alli and Kym and Misti and Jim touches down, and the teams decide to share a cab. When the teams arrive at the Teatro Di Verdura, they meet a tarantella group of dancers and musicians. Teams must dance the night away and select a tambourine that gives them a return time for the next day.

Petal to the Metal

Bright and early the next morning, teams receive their next clue, and they are off to Villa Costanza. Kym and Alli seem a bit surprised that their new best friends, the dentists, have asked for their own taxi. The next clue is a Roadblock, and poses the question “Who Wants to Put Their Foot to the Florio?” The Targa Florio is a well-known Italian car race that started over a 100 years ago. While the race features vintage vehicles, teams will be using go-carts to travel up Mount Pellegrino. If they finish within the allotted time of four minutes and seven seconds, they will receive the next clue, and a ride back down the mountain with a professional racer in one of the vintage cars. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams deal with a taxi shortage before finally leaving Brooke and Robbie, taxi-less, behind in the dust.

Kym and Jim suit up for their go-cart showdown and hit the course. Jim is driving fast and aggressively, making sure that Kym can’t pass him. Jim finishes first, but they both complete the course with time to spare. Maya takes on the race next, but Maya’s time is too long so she has to repeat the course. Brooke, Maya, Adam and Te Jay all finish the next heat.

Opera and Painting

Kym and Jim get the next clue, and it is a Detour. Teams must choose either “Painters” or “Posers.” In “Painters,” teams must restore a fresco while laying on their backs on top of a high scaffold. When their work is judged satisfactory, they will be handed the next clue. In an unusual twist, only four teams can perform this Detour. In “Posers,” teams must go to a famous theater to hear 10 opera singers sing parts of famous operas. Teams must then identify the costumes worn by each character, and write both the character’s name and the name of the opera. When they have figured out the correct matches, they will obtain the next clue.

Fresco Frustration

Misti and Jim join the cyclists to paint the frescos. It is unbearably hot inside the church. Tim and Te Jay and Bethany and Adam manage to beat Maya and Amy up the stairs to the scaffold, so the food scientists must tackle the Posers’ Detour. Brooke and Robbie are headed to the opera also, but they have doubts about their ability to retain very much information. Basically, the character names and opera titles were listed on the costumes, so it is basically memorizing costumes in the correct order. That looks easier than painting the frescos.

At the church, Jim and his ego are sure that their fresco is completed, but the judge points out parts that are missing, and Kym and Alli don’t fare any better. At least Bethany and Adam are having fun and enjoying themselves. Jim and Misti finish first, and snag the clue. It is the location of The Pit Stop for this leg of the race: Villa Niscemi.

Teaming Up Together

Bethany and Adam finally complete their fresco work first, leaving Te Jay and Tim behind. At the Poser challenge, Brooke and Robbie team up with Maya and Amy to complete the task. Brooke and Robbie regret their decision when Maya and Amy get the clue first.

The Pit Stop

Misti and Jim reach Phil first, and capture first place. It is also the 300 leg of The Amazing Race. Jim and Misti also win a trip to Ochos Rios. Bravo, Misti and Jim! Kym and Alli come in second, while Amy and Maya grab third place.

The Last to Arrive…

Tim and Te Jay are the last team to arrive, but receive the awesome news that they are still competing in The Amazing Race as this is a non-elimination leg.

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