The long national nightmare of Big Brother 16 is finally over. Julie Chen announced that this week’s Battle of the Block marks the end of the double HoH twist which has successfully ruined the game and allowed the Bomb Squad to steamroll over everyone. How did the BotB end?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Derrick nominated Christine and Donny. Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody.

Christine and Donny won the Battle of the Block!

For the second week in a row, a plan to throw the BotB has failed. The competition involved crawling in the dark to find bones. It sounds like Donny knows that Christine tried to throw it because she didn’t help him out at all and, after the competition, Donny told Frankie “Now I know how you felt.”  So Donny did it all by himself, beating Caleb and Cody (which seems more impressive than Frankie’s feat last week).

The Bomb Squad randomly picked Skittles to decide that Christine would have to lose the BotB to ensure that Donny gets evicted, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Now Derrick is dethroned, Frankie is the permanent HoH and Caleb and Cody are on the block. It all comes down to the Power of Veto. However, if it gets used, Frankie’s only potential replacement nominees would be Victoria, Zach and Derrick. The original plan was to backdoor Victoria and keep the Bomb Squad together, but Derrick and Caleb have already talked about possibly backdooring Zach instead.

Would Frankie really betray Zach for the millionth time this season? Would he put up Ariana Grande’s biggest fan? Or would he backdoor the dethroned HoH and his fellow member of Team America (who also lost his grandpa this season)? And if it’s not used, Caleb or Cody will be evicted. This is a lose-lose-lose-lose situation for Frankie.

It seems Frankie is committed to having the PoV used to backdoor Victoria, though Derrick is definitely planting seeds for Zach to potentially be the replacement nominee.

Team America

Also, Team America got their new mission. They must hide a favorite article of clothing from each HG and then form a neighborhood watch patrol to prevent it from happening again.  The patrol must be consistent for at least 24 hours and include at least three other HGs.

After the competition, Derrick and Frankie spoke to each other about how they want Donny to stay, but they’re worried that he doesn’t trust them. Well, yeah, because they don’t tell him anything and plot with the rest of the house to screw him over and evict him. I can’t tell if they’re lying to each other, themselves, the live feeders, or if they genuinely believe that they are committed to Donny.


-Donny, Christine, Caleb, Victoria, Brittany and Amber all won two BotB competitions this season, the most out of anyone.

-Christine, Nicole and Amber are undefeated in the BotB, each winning both times they played. Hayden and Frankie are also undefeated, each winning the only time they played.

-Jocasta lost three BotB competitions, the most out of anyone. Donny, Caleb, Zach, Victoria and Brittany are the only other HGs to lose the BotB twice.

-Cody, Zach and Paola are the only HGs to play in the BotB, but never win.

-Donny has now won six total competitions, the most out of anyone. Frankie and Nicole each have five wins while Caleb and Christine both have four wins.

-Frankie and Caleb are the only HGs to be the permanent HoH twice this season.

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