On this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Despite not learning that it is not a good idea to travel with Kim, the housewives (and some husbands) enjoy their last evening in Paris. A malevolent force re-emerges from Taylor’s past. Kyle holds a glitzy grand opening for her new store. Yolanda and Taylor exchange words, and Kim must again defend her behavior.

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As the group prepares to say au revoir to Paris, they embark on a dinner cruise. The question of Kim’s sobriety seems to have been put to rest, although Lisa remains a tad dubious. Yolanda presents bestie Brandi with a pair of undoubtedly expensive heels to compensate for the single mom’s supposedly non-existent love life.

Lisa is inspired by her time in Paris to inject a bit more romance into her marriage and decides to throw a combined housewarming/vow renewal party. Kim gives both a brief and coherent speech, and Brandi tells Kim that her favorite part of the trip is the fact that they grew closer. It’s all very lovey dovey and very unhousewife-like behavior.

Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle is getting ready to open her store. Although she has no real work history, much less any experience in retail or running a business, Kyle has aligned herself with people who actually know what they are doing to handle the day-to-day details. She is motivated by empty-nest syndrome and boredom. She’s too old to return to acting and, like most of the housewives, hopes her name alone will keep this venture afloat.

Taylor meets up with her old friend Dana, probably best remembered for her appearance at a BBQ wearing $25,000 sunglasses. Her circumstances have changed and the fairytale European wedding is off. She’s also even more crass and annoying than she was last season. After recently establishing that Tyler does probably have a slight drinking problem, the last person she needs to be spending quality time with is Dana. Sporting a serious buzz, Dana tells Taylor, “I drink a lot and I’m okay with it. And I f*** a lot and I’m okay with it, too.” What man was stupid enough to let this precious gem slip through his fingers?

Taylor wants to reach out to Dana and discuss her drinking, but decides that particular moment may not be the best time. Dana then goes on a rampage against Brandi, who was the one who predicted, albeit jokingly, that Dana’s boyfriend was cheating on her when he was away on business. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, sweetheart. However, she doesn’t restrict her nasty comments to Brandi; she warns Taylor that none of the women have her back.

All the ladies show up to Kyle’s store opening, including Adrienne with Paul in tow. Taylor takes the opportunity to approach Yolanda. After drunken Dana’s diatribe, Taylor has reevaluated her friendships and realizes that she needs to clear the air with Yolanda. It turns out one of Taylor’s closest friends was married to Yolanda’s husband, David, and Taylor’s opinion of him, and to some degree Yolanda, had been formed by that connection. Yolanda is offended that Taylor would even dare speak of her husband, given that “He’s been so good to all his ex-wives.” In spite of Taylor admitting that she was wrong, Yolanda chastises Taylor for not immediately confronting either herself or her husband. They agree, through gritted teeth, to start fresh.

Even though the grand opening is going well, Kyle can’t shake the feeling that something was going on with Kim in Paris. She decides, at what couldn’t be a worse time, to pull her sister aside and have a meaningful discussion. Kyle tells her sister she looks great, a vast improvement compared to what they were like in Paris. Kim tells Kyle that she confused her medications and that she didn’t discover the error until after they returned home. Kyle seems satisfied with the explanation, but we all know she really isn’t. She admits herself that it will take awhile for Kim to earn back her trust.

Kim is realistic when it comes to her situation She knows that as a lifelong alcoholic, there is always the possibility that she won’t be able to maintain her sobriety. It’s Kyle who is over-the-top with the drama. Kyle dreads the middle of the night phone call. Kim needs to earn Kyle’s trust — if Kim feels like drinking, she should call Kyle. If I was related to Kyle, I would drink, too.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Mondays at 8pm on Bravo.

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