Last week on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump sexually harassed no less than a dozen women and emasculated several men so, you know, business as usual.

Back in the war room, the celebrities are happy to see that Brande has survived elimination and not at all surprised to see Bret gone considering that Trump seemed to have it out for him from the beginning. Trump comes to see them, looking even more like a reptile who has spent too much time in the tanning bed than usual in the harsh lighting of the war room to tell them all they’ll be taking his plane to the next task at Universal Studios Orlando.

The teams have to pick a project manager right then and there without knowing the details of the task. Dee Snider volunteers for Team Power, saying that he’s been to Universal a bunch of times with his family and Omarosa volunteers because she would be PM of every task if she could. Trace is going to miss this challenge because he has to go on a cruise with Blake Shelton. And no, that’s not a euphemism.

Aboard Trump’s environmentally lethal 757, the celebs listen to a message from Trump telling them about a task. They are to create a 3D Universal photo experience that will be judged on creativity, Universal Brand messaging and guest experience. The winning team will win $20,000 for their charity.

Team Plan B

Team Plan B gets off to a fast start by running with Lil Jon’s idea of making their stage a three-part interactive photo booth. Omarosa decides that the parts will be Harry Potter, Despicable Me and … something yet to be determined. Keeping those themes in mind, Omarosa sends Brande, LaToya, Lil Jon and Claudia out to take pictures and buy merchandise around the park. They are worried they aren’t going to get exactly what she needs and then she’ll turn on them.

Back at the headquarters, Omarosa is meeting with the fabricators and decides the third part of the set will be a Spider-Man theme without letting the other part of her team know. She snaps unjustly on some hapless builders who tell her they can’t create a 3D foam Spider-Man figure in the amount of time they have. Then she snaps at the others on her team for failing to read her mind and not buying Spider-Man props for their set.

The next day, the set looks very good but is still unfinished. Omarosa decides to put a film strip prop of all of the pictures the celebs took over the Universal logo, a branding decision that may come back to bite her in the butt at the boardroom. The Spider-Man section also looks a little bare, with simply a backdrop of a brick wall and some fake web. LaToya, who is in charge of that section, thinks that Omarosa is setting her up to fail.

But when the guests arrive to interact with the set, everything goes very well. They take pictures with the celebrities, and even the Trump sons, Eric and Don Jr., in their “casual wear” (i.e. not wearing ties) seem to have a good time dressing up and taking pictures. The executives also seem impressed.

Team Power

Team Power struggles to come up with a solid creative concept. Penn proposes they use an illusion of a floating head to create a magic photo experience for guests. But there is something about his proposal that makes it seem ridiculous, and he fails to come up with how the floating head would integrate into the Universal marketing campaign. Dee instead decides to create life-size celebrity cut-outs on the set for guests to take pictures with.

The team splits into two groups to take pictures and shop around the park. They decide each celebrity will embody an aspect of Universal with Penn as a wizard from Harry Potter, Stephen as Shrek, Gary as the Cat in the Hat, Dee as Spider-Man, Lisa as a minion from Despicable Me and Marilu as … well … a tourist? Wearing a “Universal” shirt? Okay?

They paint their set blue with the Universal globe at the top and call it a day. Lisa specifically worries that the set is really underwhelming, but doesn’t vocalize it to Dee. Penn also thinks the cut-out idea is not only too safe, but also bizarre. He doesn’t think anyone would want to take a picture of the cut-out when the real person is standing right there.

On the day of the task, Gary is acting inappropriately by tickling everyone who tries to take a picture with him. Eww. And besides his gross behavior, he interrupts Dee while he is talking with the Universal executives to give one of them a hug and abuse her into taking a photo with him. At the end of the day, the executives seem more put upon than entertained, and the Trump boys just look more confused than usual.


Of course, things start out with Donald taking a good 10 minutes to talk about how big and how awesome and how sexy his plane is. There is absolutely no way this man is trying to compensate for anything, right?

Anyway, as usual both teams are pretty confident that they are the winning team. Dee says that Team Power utilized their celebrity to give the guests a lasting experience. Omarosa thinks their creative design and unique experience is something the park can continue to use for the future. She also manages to correctly identify Lil Jon as the strongest member of the team, while at the same taking credit for all of his strengths. Girl is playing.

The teams look at pictures of the other team’s photo sets. No one is impressed by Team Power’s lack of creativity. And Dee keeps clinging to the “celebrity aspect” that is lacking from Team Plan Bs.

After spending another five minutes talking about Donald’s hair (not kidding), he finally announces, “Congratulations Dee, you lost the challenge!” Har, har, har. See what he did there? He said congratulations! To the loser! To make him think he won at first, but he really lost! Hilarious.

Omarosa “breaks down” crying because this win was for her late fiance Michael Clarke Duncan’s charity. But her team members (even Dennis Rodman who, let’s not kid ourselves here, is kind of a big dummy) see through her manipulative act, and believe that she’s using someone’s death to further herself in the game. Those crocodile tears aren’t fooling no one, honey.

Dee decides to bring Stephen back to the boardroom, because he doesn’t trust him, and also to bring Gary back because he has a very limited skill set. Now might be a good time to mention that Gary physically assaulted female executives, but Dee decides to take the high road and take full responsibility of all of his team’s failures. There’s really nothing else to be done here and Dee is fired. Alas, the Busey-isms live to see at least another week. 

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