Kenya is still fuming over the dinner drama. She can’t stand Phaedra, can’t stand Porsha, and she’s nervous about spending more time with them in Vegas. Everyone but NeNe will be heading to Vegas in a party bus. Driving from LA to Vegas takes roughly four hours. Four hours on the road with these girls? Yikes.

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Road to Vegas

The bus ride gets silly when Kenya tries to get everyone to participate in some improv exercises. She’s clearly doing her best to keep the mood a positive one. They joke around, they laugh, and eight hours later, they finally arrive in Vegas.

Wifey Duties

They get all glammed up for a night out and decide to go to a strip club first. Porsha becomes very concerned because “Kordell would not be okay with that.” Here we go again. I’m actually surprised he even lets her out of the house. Shouldn’t she be at home, serving him and not interacting with strangers? Porsha actually ditches them for the evening because she’s clearly too afraid to disobey her owner husband. 

Make It Rain

Once inside the club, the ladies (minus Porsha) have a blast. They make it rain, compliment the ladies, and then NeNe shares the story of how she used to strip. She met Gregg during her stripper days. He didn’t know she was a stripper when they first met, so she invited him to the club and then shocked him when she came out on stage and danced for him. Then she says something really wonderful. “Your marriage is supposed to just compliment and enhance who you are. Like, if you want to jump over the damn moon, your partner should support you jumpin’ over the damn moon. Now, they don’t have to like it, but they just need to stand there and watch your ass jump over the damn moon.” Well said, NeNe. Porsha needs some serious schoolin’ in independence. 

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha

Porsha checks in with her master Kordell to make sure her decision to not go to the strip club based on his decision of not allowing her to do so was the right call. He supports that. Duh. They get in the car on the way to a show and NeNe decides to try and talk some sense into Porsha. She approaches it diplomatically and in a soft tone. Porsha is a little responsive and listens, but then kind of goes off when the girls press her on his “traditional” expectations and says, “For him to let me go on this girls trip, I’m proud of him.” Wow. Kordell, really, job well done. I know how hard that must’ve been for you, bud. So thoughtful of you to let your wife have a few days outside of the kitchen. 

Somebody, give this caveman a medal!

Lingerie Party

Kandi hosts a lingerie party in the suite to feature some of her new Bedroom Kandi products. They play a few sexy/fun games and then things get awkward when Phaedra brings Walter back up. Why, Phaedra? Why?! Kenya decides that now is the time to confront Phaedra about all the BS that has gone on between them. Kenya says her peace. Phaedra says hers. Neither will apologize. Case closed. Zero progress made. 

Maybe 20 years from now, they’ll be okay with each other. Until then, I doubt it.

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