Poor Yolanda Foster is not only struggling with her battle with Lyme disease, but she’s struggling to keep her marriage together. And not only that, but now she’s going to have to deal with the other ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills questioning if she’s even sick or not. But I’m sure, like everything, she’ll handle it with a certain amount of grace.

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Hanky’s Sick

In this episode, “Will Power,” Kyle greets Lisa Rinna at her store. For her birthday present, Mauricio said he’d pay for anything Lisa wanted at the store. So Lisa manages to find something that isn’t printed and billowy (a nice fitted jacket) to treat herself on Mauricio’s dime. She remembers that she and her husband had a store in 2003 but had to close it because of the recession. It was hard to say goodbye to the store, but they would have lost everything if they kept it open.

Kyle invites Lisa to go to the Hamptons with her, where she’s opening another store. Lisa Rinna readily agrees, happy to get away for a girls’ weekend.

Lisa Vanderpump’s swan, Hanky, is sick. She takes it to the vet and — don’t worry — it turns out everything is okay. Now that her kids are grown and out of the house, she feels like her animals are her children. She thinks having an animal depend on you makes you love it more.

Yolanda and Erika meet Kyle at the park. Yolanda feels happy to get out and get some exercise. Kyle doesn’t want to bring up the conversation they had about Yolanda and Munchausen’s. She says if Lisa Rinna wants to clear her conscience with that, she’ll have to do it herself.

Kyle and Erika bond over having both been very young when they had their kids. Erika was 21 when she had her son (who is now 23). Yolanda invites Erika to meet the rest of the ladies, which she agrees to, but she’s hesitant. She usually only hangs out with gay men and other “accomplished” women, like Yolanda.

Yolanda starts talking about her upcoming surgery. She’s had silicone leak into her lymph nodes under her arm and chest, so she has to have it removed. Kyle starts to blather on once again about the physical symptoms of her depression. Yolanda says she appreciates Kyle’s sympathies, but she doesn’t know what it’s like to have Lyme disease. Her two children, Bella and Anwar, suffer from it too. She says that since they lived on a horse ranch, they were all bit and infected. Now Kyle is even more suspicious. Her little brain can’t seem to comprehend that there might be more than one sick person in a family.

Lisa Rinna has a body waxer come for a house call. She’s been taking care of Lisa’s “situation” for 17 years. And that’s about all I can stomach to say on that subject.

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First Impressions

Eileen invites Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump to a tour of the Young and the Restless studio. They tour the wardrobe and do line-readings with Eileen. Eileen’s worried about Yolanda hearing about the Munchhausen’s conversation. But Kyle and Lisa urge her to let Lisa Rinna handle it.

Erika finally meets the other ladies, minus Lisa Rinna, who is in Canada. Lisa Vanderpump says her first impression is that she looks like a Barbie doll. Yeah, a Barbie with a $190,000 Cartier diamond.

Erika and Lisa hit it off pretty well after Erika reveals that she’s 44 and her husband is 76. Lisa’s response is to ask her how he is in the sack. Erika doesn’t miss a beat by informing them that everything is working just fine, without even the help of pharmaceuticals. Lisa says that Ken is even more eager after his new hip, which she can find annoying.

The subject once again switches to Yolanda’s health. Lisa’s surprised to hear of Yolanda’s kids’ struggle with Lyme disease as well. Yolanda also says she’s heard that Taylor was talking bad about her. Eileen tries to stick up for Lisa Rinna when she doesn’t even need to. Yolanda thought it was just Taylor questioning her illness, but since Eileen brought it up, now she thinks it’s Lisa too, who she thought was her friend. Erika thinks that anyone who questions Yolanda’s illness isn’t a friend. They wouldn’t question it if she had a broken leg.

Later, Yolanda’s kids and mom are all at the Malibu mansion for a visit. Bella and Gigi are working hard as models and living in New York. Before her surgery, Yolanda wants her kids to know that they’re taken care of, so she tells them she’s put a copy of her will in the safe, just in case. They’re upset to even think of losing their mom, but Yolanda isn’t worried about the surgery; she just wants to make sure her bases are covered.

Next week, the ladies visit the Hamptons. 


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