In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Miami Spice,” a night of drinking takes a disastrous turn, leading to one of the women being taken to the hospital. And Kenya finds herself at the center of another firestorm.

After a day of yachting, dancing and drinking in Miami, the ladies head back to their mansion with some young men in tow, and Cynthia is worried things may get wild.

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Night 2 in Miami Takes an Ugly Turn

Porsha decides to get a game of “Never Have I Ever” going, during which someone will say something like “Never have I ever had sex in a public bathroom,” and anyone who has must drink.

Shamea starts off with a bang when she says, “Never have I ever had a golden shower.” For those who don’t know, this is when someone pisses on you. As you can imagine, Kim, already mortified by the ladies’ behavior, excuses herself. More surprising is that both Sheree and Porsha take a shot.

After that bit of TMI, the yacht docks at the ladies’ bachelorette pad, and everyone disembarks. The group heads inside, and Kandi, who remained behind, is surprised that the group is now co-ed. Of particular interest to Kandi is that Porsha has picked herself up a sexy souvenir named Oliver. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Miss Porsha threw a party to introduce Duke to her dearly beloved? Out of sight means out of mind.

While Porsha parades around in her bikini, charming Oliver, Tammy’s nephew, Glen, is rubbing the ladies all kinds of the wrong way. He has run-ins with Kandi and Kenya, who both agree that Glen is weird and aggressive. I’d just say he’s a dick. He’s throwing out attitude, acing like a big-time D-bag and doesn’t have the goods to back any of it up. I mean, who in their right mind throws shade at a pregnant woman?

Kenya decides it’s time for Glen to go. She tells Tammy, who is pretty wasted, that Glen has been disrespectful and it’s time for him and his buddy to kick rocks. Tammy doesn’t put up an argument, but sensing this could get ugly, Kandi and Cynthia scatter, neither eager to get caught up in a scene. Porsha also says a quick goodbye to Oliver, having the good sense to know this night is not going to end in a hook-up.

Tammy tells Glen it’s time to go, and he doesn’t take the news well. He confronts Kenya, who tells him straight-out that she doesn’t like his attitude and neither do some of the other women. Mind you, this guy has also casually called his aunt’s “friends” bitches and hoes.

Glen confronts Kenya, and it looks like he’s going to get in her face, or worse. These women are lucky there’s security and producers and camera guys around to have their backs because this guy is coming off as seriously deranged.

Tammy tries to grab her nephew, but he pushes her and she hits the floor. Melee follows, and Glen has to be physically subdued. Tammy appears unconscious and Sheree is freaked out, yelling to check her pulse and call an ambulance.

Glen and his friend are escorted off the property and Tammy comes to, but she’s not exactly coherent. The ambulance arrives and the paramedics load her up and off they go.

And Then There Were Four

Sheree and Phaedra feel that this whole ugly scene could have been avoided if Kenya had just let Tammy handle Glen. Phaedra believes that Kenya just got pissy because Glen wasn’t interested in playing her games. Kenya did try to flirt with Glen and got shut down at every turn. Nobody’s excusing Glen’s behavior, but Porsha, Phaedra and Sheree think Kenya amped up the situation thanks to her flair for drama. Kenya also has a pathological need to kick people out of places this season, which never ends well.

Kim and Kenya get into another little tiff when Kim hints that Kenya might be somewhat to blame. You can’t shake a hornet’s nest and then act surprised when the inhabitants come out ready to attack. And since Kenya never likes to admit her blame when things go south, she throws some attitude at Tootie.

Kim’s had enough, so she packs up her bags and heads to a hotel. She was barely managing to keep it together before all this nonsense. The other ladies don’t want her to go, but Kenya can’t wait for Kim to “skate on out” of there. Poor Kim, she’s never going to live those damn roller skates down.

The next morning, Kandi gets ready to head back to Atlanta. After hearing about what went down the previous night, Todd is pissed, and these two worked too hard for this pregnancy for Kandi to be put at any type of risk. Difficulty conceiving or not, no pregnant woman should be kicking it with a bunch of drunken, judgement-impaired women in a strange city.

Kenya brings Kandi some breakfast and not only learns that Kandi is leaving, but that Tammy returned to the house from the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. We still haven’t seen Tammy since she was put in the ambulance, but apparently she’s fully recovered.

Cynthia enters the conversation, and not only do we get to hear the details of Tammy’s return, but Kandi recorded it on her phone as well.

Porsha, Phaedra, Shamea, Sheree and Kandi were hanging out about 4am when there was a knock at the door. Porsha answered to find one very unhappy Tammy outside wearing a robe and hospital socks. “Children of the Cornrows,” Kenya’s nickname for Tammy, was escorted directly to her room to get her things and then taken to a hotel. 

Cynthia feels bad for her buddy. Tammy had a rough night and, after spending a few hours in the hospital, came back to find herself the butt of jokes and the subject of a twisted little home movie.

Anytime, Anywhere

The chatter about Kenya’s behavior continues. Phaedra is especially disturbed by the night’s events. She tells Sheree that as the mother of two boys, she wouldn’t want someone jumping to conclusions about them. Sheree and Phaedra agree that it’s not wise to label someone, especially young, black men.

I will say this, Kenya snapped her fingers at Glen and acted like her usual self, and the guy wasn’t putting up with it. That part, I have no problem with. But he was a jerk to Kandi when she did nothing to provoke him, and his demeanor and language were off. And let’s not forget he flung his aunt to the side without a second thought. Yeah, Kenya’s a shit stirrer, but Glen was still, at the very least, an asshole.

There’s a whole lot of young, dumb and full of come twentysomethings of all kinds out there. Bad attitudes and big mouths are universal traits. Phaedra recognizes that it’s young, black men who often get shot out of irrational fear, and she equates Kenya’s attitude from the night before to that of a white, suburban housewife.

Despite who’s wrong and who’s right in this particular situation, Sheree thinks this is the type of conversation people should be having, especially mothers of black sons. Bad things can happen anywhere, anytime.

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What Trip Were You On?

Never say die. The ladies, minus Tammy, Kim and Kandi, are determined to see this trip through. On their way for a day of sightseeing, Cynthia decides to call Tammy. Tammy didn’t have a concussion, just a bit bruised.

The ladies are planning on a quiet night in and invite Tammy back to the house for dinner later that night. They will be down one; Porsha’s going out with Oliver. Watching Porsha’s love life play out is about as fascinating as watching paint dry, so I won’t go into the gory details of her date other than to say that Oliver is amorous, but Porsha throws the yellow flag on the play at first.

Porsha returns to the house to find the other ladies napping. Tammy never showed for dinner, but everyone was thankful for the peace and quiet, especially after all the drama.

Despite Sheree calling out Tammy for sleeping with her ex-husband, Kim’s mini-meltdown, Glen’s unfortunate incident and Kenya twirling out of control, Phaedra thinks the trip was a success.

Life Twirls On for Kim

Back in Atlanta, Kim’s in her element. She and he husband hit the park with the kids, and they discuss Kim’s disastrous trip. Kim’s starting to notice a pattern of behavior with Kenya that gives her reason to pause, like the fact that Kenya likes to remove people from situations on a whim. And while Kim is thankful that Kenya introduced her to the other women, her affection for the beauty queen is waning. Now she’s questioning if working with Kenya would be a good idea. I would think that after watching the pilot, Kim would already know the answer to that question. Were Kenya bringing her Game of Thrones, Kim might be willing to put up with some messy behavior, but Life Twirls On is no Game of Thrones.

Once all the women are back in Hotlanta safe and sound, Kim and Kenya meet up. It’s all air kisses and pleasantries, but things start to go off the rails pretty quick when Kenya states that Kim left Miami because she couldn’t handle being away from her family and was looking for any excuse to bolt.

Tootie Knows When to Bounce

Not so fast, Kenya. Kim makes it crystal clear that her reasons for leaving had to do with concern for her personal safety. Kim also accuses Kenya of “manufacturing drama.” Too bad Kenya can’t manufacture all that drama into a decent television series.

Kenya may be okay with provoking someone and accusing them of things, but Tootie’s out. Kenya argues that that’s not what happened, but Kim stands firm. Kim may be a little sedate, but I’ve got nothing but love for anyone who calls Kenya out.

Kenya insists that it wasn’t just one episode with Glen, but rather a series of events, that kept escalating throughout the night. Kenya fancies herself a hero of sorts. She protected her friends from a probable threat, and she sleeps well at night, knowing they have a savior in Miss Kenya.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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