In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “There’s No Business Like Friend Business,” Kandi shoots a music video, Kenya lands herself a younger man and Peter romances Cynthia.

As Kandi counts down the minutes until the arrival of her and Todd’s bundle of joy, she’s still working. Remember Demetria from season 7? The infamous Roger Bobb’s one true love and the fledgling singer who flew all the ladies to Puerto Rico so they could watch her perform and still make time to wage war on one another? Well, she’s back, and Kandi is producing Demetria’s album, on which the two women also perform a duet called “Unnecessary Trouble.”

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The Baby Bump and Grind

Kandi has let her music career go, kind of like a woman too busy for a bikini wax, but being knocked up isn’t about to derail her from getting things back on track. Kandi may have had trouble doing business with friends before, but Demetria, or Roger Bobb, cut her a check, so it’s all good.

The label wants Kandi and Demetria’s collaboration to be the first single, and Roger Bobb makes it clear that all of Demetria’s future success in the music biz relies on this album. Talk turns to video shoots and launch parties, and Kandi’s general manager and go-to guy Don Juan has a few concerns.

Kandi’s pregnancy is high risk, and Don Juan wants Roger Bobb to know that Kandi’s health comes first. Kandi’s a little offended that Don Juan is acting like she’s the oldest woman ever to give birth and reassures Roger Bobb she’ll do everything in her power to make sure Demetria’s album blows up.

Roger Bobb wasn’t playing around when he said the label was anxious to release “Unnecessary Trouble,” and Kandi finds herself on a music video set for the first time in years. Don Juan is very solicitous of his boss and wants to know if she gets the slightest bit uncomfortable or tired.

Porsha and Phaedra stop by to show their support, and Kandi feels like the relationship between herself and Phaedra has really improved since the trip to Miami.

Kandi’s baby bump is well camouflaged, and Porsha is impressed by how much Kandi is working it, even though she’s got a belly the size of a bowling ball.

Don Juan is tending to Kandi’s every need, which is good since hubby Todd is off texting in a corner somewhere.

Love and Basketball

Kenya and Marlo decide to hit the gym, where Kenya encounters Matt, a “friend” and trainer. He’s very cute but also very young. The two are very flirtatious, and Marlo gives Matt a nudge and encourages him to ask Kenya out. Far be it for Kenya to just say yes, she prefers to say that she guesses she’ll give him a chance.

Undeterred by Kenya’s less than sparkling personality, Matt agrees to call, and Kenya agrees to answer the phone.

Marlo can’t believe that Kenya is hesitant about dating a super hottie like Matt, but he lacks a few of Kenya’s must-haves (money), but a girl needs a good fling every now and again.

Because I get the distinct impression that men are not pounding down her door, Kenya goes on a date with Matt. Instead of the usual dinner or a movie, Matt has something very physical planned, a game of basketball — insert multiple double entendres here.

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Sketches and Skype

Peter and Cynthia continue to work on their marriage, but Cynthia is a hard sell. Peter sends her some yellow roses, and Cynthia appreciates the gesture but makes it clear that there better be many more bouquets in her future. So I guess when she says they need to work on their marriage, Cynthia really means Peter needs to kiss her ass.

Peter steps up his game and drives to Atlanta from Charlotte just to take Cynthia on a romantic outing. Peter has planned a picnic, and Cynthia’s starting to enjoy being wooed. The strange guy sitting nearby hired by Peter to sketch them is “odd,” for lack of a better word, but Cynthia digs it. The finished product is less than impressive, so I hope the guy supports himself by means other than drawing cheating husbands and the wives who sort of love them.

Love is in the air because Porsha is still seeing Oliver. Granted, it’s only via Skype, but Duke seems to be permanently out of the picture and Porsha has a craving for tall, dark and Latin.

Boy Trouble

Time flies when you’re a real housewife, so it’s already time for Kandi’s big video release party. Todd still hasn’t gotten his money, and Kandi warns him not to bring it up and to be on his best behavior. It’s been two years. I think it’s a safe bet that Phaedra isn’t ready to cut a check.

The turn-out is good, and even Kim and her husband venture out on a school night. Kimmy obviously doesn’t frequent the red carpet much because she’s clad in hot pants and thigh high boots with hair reminiscent of the Bride of Frankenstein. Just an overall hot mess. But you’ve got to love the girl for trying. Well, not if you’re Kenya, who thinks Kim looks like a “confused prostitute at Disney World.”

The video debuts, and it’s a big hit with the crowd. Porsha thinks the song is going to be big because it’s super catchy. Just don’t ask her how it goes because she can’t remember.

But a party ain’t a party without some drama. Phaedra offers Kandi congrats on a job well done and then asks Todd to come by her office. She’s tired of him having Kandi do his dirty work, and she wants to put the matter to bed.

Outside, Phaedra tells Porsha all about the exercise video drama. In Phaedra’s version, Todd has been paid in full and has nothing to complain about. Phaedra’s the one with no product to show for her efforts. We get a flashback to the conversation between Phaedra and Kandi when they briefly haggled over the balance due, and Phaedra estimated it to be about five grand.

Porsha questions if this messy situation with Todd was the cause of the bad blood between Kandi and Phaedra, which we know it was not. Phaedra swears she and Kandi are cool, but Porsha warns that money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Lurking nearby is Don Juan, who doesn’t like what he’s hearing. He’s far from Phaedra’s number one fan, and he’s just been waiting for her to show her true colors. Don Juan saunters up and says that a lot more than money broke up Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship. It looks like Kandi was worried about the wrong man acting all rowdy at the party.

Porsha is not down with Don Juan’s negative energy and bad attitude and, frankly, it has nothing to do with either one of them, so it’s funny they are getting all amped-up.

Porsha swears that the conversation was not negative, and she and Phaedra are all about loving and supporting Kandi on her big night. Don dials it back, but Phaedra knows when to make an exit, and she excuses herself from the conversation and the party. Porsha’s hot on her trail, but not before Don Juan throws a little shade both her and Phaedra’s way. This does not bode well for the Phaedra-Kandi reconciliation.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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